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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Getting Around The New London Sim

Travelling around virtual capitals is quite varied, normally I would use a landmark and teleport, or open my map and double click on the location I want to go to, or if it’s close just walk or take to the skies and fly. In New London they have a unique way of travelling around to different parts of the sim! New London is a ‘today’s’ environment mixed with a little Sci-fi to make it very interesting indeed, so you would expect something a little quirky when you explore the city.

I spotted the tube station near our The Metaverse London News Team shop in the old part of town. The tube station had cast-iron gates that slid to one side when I touched them for me to enter. I clicked on the floor to ride the tube and a menu appeared with the different locations, on clicking the menu, the whole unit I was in spun off with me inside it, transferring me to another tube station at my destination. The stations are an attractive design too, and go well with the areas they are in.

You can easily access other areas too, I went into the Time-Lords Pub which is a very cosy meeting place. I noticed a door in front of me, which said ‘Time-Lords Club’ and clicking on the door it opened and there was a brick wall in front of me. I clicked on the brick wall, and next thing my avatar walked straight through it and there I was in the club! Inside the club there was the door to get back to the pub and also a door to the shopping mall, so I decided to try that one. Once again I walked though the door and there I was in the amazing New London shopping mall! In the mall there were some more doors with more options. I picked a door to take me to the Tower of London. This all seemed so much faster than teleporting and you couldn’t get lost!! I even found places in the sim I had not discovered before.

As transport goes, there is no need to wear out your shoes by walking, or your arms by flying in New London, just take the next exit and you will find you are where you want to be!!

Janey Bracken


seany said...

i seen another london (no names)trying to cash in on the docter who theme the other night but the new london sim has got a great mix of london and doctor who its great sim.

Anonymous said...

Seany, will you never stop spitting venom about The London Sims? Will you always twist every story in this blog to find some reason or angle to come after us?

London has been silent about the failings of your last venture out of courtesy, but enough is enough and it is time you got on with your stuff and left us alone to get on with ours.

We're really sorry you still feel such a hatred towards us, but we implore you to get over it and to get on with your second life and to enjoy it as surely as we enjoy ours.

Torric Rodas.
Ops Manager, London.

seany said...

errr torric get down off your high horse i never even said it was the london sims dont flatter yourself lol and the last venture is still going i dont hate london im glad its doing well sems i hit a raw nerve sorry about that im leaving sl on the 31st of august anyway time to move on to the real world again.

Lumpy J said...

From what i can see the Ops manager was very unprofessional in his personal attack on seany he needs to learn how to work with people better.