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Monday, 30 August 2010

Carnival Night Tonight At The West End Club!

The West End Club looked brilliant, giant cactuses, sunny rugs and splashes of red decor, thanks, no doubt, to hard working Clive with his skills of getting things just right, it was Latin night and boy! did everyone get into the spirit of things with their bright costumes, Brie did a great job of dj’ing while Nahiram, as host, made sure we all shook our maracas to some hot music from people like Enrique Iglesias and other Latin songsters! I think Clive may have to build an even bigger club as it’s getting hard to find a place on the dance floor lately, people are loving it there and the atmosphere is just magic. Don’t miss out tonight, just like in Notting Hill there is a Carnival, but this is not on the chilly old streets of London, this is in the West End Club, so get your colourful gear out again and be ready to shake a tail feather, it starts at 1pm (SLT) 9pm (UK) tonight!

Janey Bracken

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