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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Antiquity London - United Kingdom of Great Britain 1805

“After waking early and bathing, I step into my dark brown muslin gown, it isn’t new, but it is fit enough to walk the London Streets, the long skirts just an inch or two short of brushing the muddy sidewalks, but long enough to keep my ankles from view and not cause any scandal should I expose too much of my white stockinged calves. A Lady has so much to think of, giving the right impression is uppermost in my mind as I put on my caped redingote outer-garment, buttoning it to ensure that my décolletage is covered against the cold autumn chill. I am ready to meet my companion for the day, Lord Drax Ember, a fine gentleman, who will accompany me as we walk to the docks area of London, it isn’t a safe place for a lady to venture, not on her own, and Lord Ember’s tall muscular frame and bold manner would frighten off any street urchin or vagabond should they consider accosting me!”

Well, I need many lessons on how to become a fine Lady of the 1800’s and I just found the ideal place to learn, the wonderful and intriguing Antiquity London – United Kingdom of Great Britain 1805, owned by Nikoli Nicholls. Looking for London places, I was delighted to find this role-playing period location and I first noticed how brilliant the buildings are, there you are, walking right back in time. I told my friend Drax about it and we changed into period clothing (we have to shop for more of the right period!) and went over to see this fantastic sim. We spied people in the East India Dock area and we headed over there. Speaking to the Harbour Master we were told that there was a tavern just along the way where we could get refreshments. Thanking the Harbour Master, we made our way to the cosy Inn where we were greeted by Julie Oliphaunt the barmaid. Julie asked us what we wanted and Drax ordered some ale as I settled for a glass of honey tasting mead. Julie was also in deep conversation with a sea-faring gentleman, pz7 Engineer, who had just reached dry land. As we sat watching, a couple of stray dogs entered the tavern, (Riyu Olkhovsky and Jaiden Magic), they made themselves comfortable as they lay on the straw strewn floor near the bar. Julie poured some water from a large jug into two bowls and placed them in front of the dogs, then patting the dogs kindly as she spoke to them. Role-playing at its best and a great deal of fun and imagination by the inhabitants of Antiquity London! What a great place! Virtually London (lite) will be bringing you stories and features about this unique community and its settings. The Antiquity region covers a lot more than the London sim, take a look at the wonderful Antiquity Gazette for a fascinating insight into this amazing community within Second Life.

The description in the SL Search menu says “A historical role-play set in the reign of George III (1760-1820). In 1805 the English countryside was full of intrigue, lavish extravagance and of course beautiful clothes, horses and nobility. The Year 1805.” Also the information reads “The Kingdom of Great Britain is comprised of a few different sims brought together with common role play goals” This is an extremely well structured society with the gentry, ordinary folk, the Navy and even pirates, so it is a pretty exciting SL community to be in.

I’ve already enrolled with a Ladies Acadamy to have lessons on just how a lady of the 1800s should act, but that’s another story!

(The picture above, which includes the lady with the white gown, featured Bleze8 Pizzaro, LouisaUlrika Poida and FrederickII Ormstein)
Janey Bracken


Anonymous said...

This will be a fun sim to visit! The people seemed very friendly and the build looks good! Can't wait to go back!!!

- Drax

Janey Bracken said...

Me too Drax! It will be fun traveling back there with you!

Janey :))