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Friday, 13 August 2010

1960's Retro Night Was A Big Hit!

It was Carnaby Street meets Top Shop, with make up from Biba's! They did the Mashed Potato and the Funky Chicken as they swayed to the 1960's music at the West End Club last night! The music was courtesy of dj Janis Short and Nahiram Vaniva was the host, both of them looking straight out of the vintage chart show 'Ready Steady Go'. The clubbers had gone to an amazing amount of trouble to get the right look, they had 'Op Art' mini dresses, white boots, patterned tights and bobbed haircuts. There were mod suits, tie-dyed tee shirts, flares over cuban-heeled boots and mop-head Beatle haircuts! The club itself looked fantastic with it's psychedelic floor with flower power motifs, hippy beads and lambretta scooters adding to that retro feel. The crowd loved it and didn't want to leave even after Janis played her last 1960's hit for the night!

Janey Bracken


Ed Follet said...

Another terrific night at the New West End Club, this week has been just amazing and it's not over yet! Brilliant reporting throughout Janey and lovely photo's too.

Ed :-))

Brie Janick said...

Im so sorry i missed it had suprise visitors..We have some geart events coming up this sat 14th is a fancy dress party and look out this week for our sci f event ....W have se great things cming and ty for ur support Janey,Hibs & Ed xxxxxx

Janis Short said...

just getting a closer look at all the fab was funny that no one was leaving ... I had so much more music in the queue I could have kept going another two hours...thanks for another great report Janey :)