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Monday, 5 July 2010

War of the Worlds in New London

The acrid smell of burning metal filled the air as I suddenly spotted an enormous crater with a bomb shaped object protruding from it, flames and thick black smoke billowed from the ugly hole left by the alien craft. This sort of thing is no surprise in the Doctor Who Zone New London Village, it’s a good job that the virtual London inhabitants there are always on standby for such disasters!

Actually this is great fun, it’s the start of the 'War of the Worlds Week' at the WZ Radio Theatre in New London. Manager Laredo Lowtide told me “The Radio Theatre broadcasts regularly, this next week they'll be doing two War of the Worlds themed adventures.” Laredo added “One is War of the Worlds, the other is a Doctor Who play inspired by it.” The times are as follows:

Tuesday 1 PM (SLT): War of the Words by Orson Wells
Wednesday 1 PM (SLT): Doctor Who: Invaders from Mars part 1
Thursday 1 PM (SLT): Doctor Who: Invaders from Mars part 2
(That’s all 9 pm UK time)

The red hot burning crater was actually outside the Radio Theatre in New London and I stood with sim owner Kat Kassner, Laredo, and Hoipoloi Gurbux (who is the Radio Theatre Manager) looking at it wondering how they are going to clear it all up. As a giant flying saucer passed overhead I decided to go off and have my tea instead, these guys are more used to dealing with aliens than I am, maybe they will have to call the virtual Army in!! Go along and have a great time at the Radio theatre this week and try not to fall down the crater outside!!

Janey Bracken

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