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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

That Zebra Gets Around!!

It was pure animal the other night at the West End club, tigers roamed amongst the clubbers and a crocodile slithered across the dance floor looking for tasty legs to bite chunks out of for his tea, it wasn't very good having a name like Tasty Afterthought that night, so Tasty kept his distance from the croc's jaws!! But suddenly, there he was, a blast from my very own past in SL, I spotted a very large zebra (worn by Mimy Quan), not a good looking AKK or Lone Star type zebra you understand, but a very funny lumpy looking zebra with a goofy face. The zebra avatar must have been around in SL for a very long time. You can see my original meeting with a zebra avatar in my own blog called Janey’s Place in Second Life, the zebra made me laugh then and it still does now.

We had an excellent night with the jungle animal theme in the West End Club, Janis who was dj’ing had a job controlling her own tiger on the stage and for some reason Nahiram who was hosting was on fire, still it made her dance all the faster. Later Nahiram added to the animal theme by riding a kangeroo and a cow, although I doubt there would be many of them about in the jungle, but it was fair game that night, well the tigers thought so! Simon took no chances as he hid under his animal skin coat, hoping the tigers would think he was one of them!

Robyn Pastorelli suddenly had a giant bear cuddle up to her, this jungle theme was getting even more bizarre, it even frightened Nadia Kabila’s crocodile! I’m not sure if Nadia scared her own croc though, as I saw her looking at him thoughtfully saying “would make a beautiful bag...”

Hornblower and Lily stayed wisely in the middle of the dance floor as the animals wandered around the edge. Ed jumped on his tiger and rode it as Hib warily watched her wild cat out of the corner of her eye, worried that eye contact would make the beast attack her. Clive and Pink’s tigers seemed very well behaved compared to dj Janis’s wild beast, but Janis managed to play all our favourite tunes anyway. There was certainly a rumble in the jungle at the West End Club that night!!

Janey Bracken


TD Reinard said...

AWESOME THEME!!! You guys always know how to throw a great party!!!

Janey Bracken said...

Hi TD!

It was a really good night and everyone looked great. Clive did a brilliant job with the club decor too! Nice to hear from you!!

Janey :))