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Friday, 2 July 2010

Street Markets in 1888 London

Pearly Kings and Queens have long been a tradition in London, they come from working class backgrounds and usually do a great deal of charity work around the areas where they live. Spooks Blackburn’s Whitechapel 1888 gives us a very informative history of how they began. For people who have never seen them, Pearly Kings and Queens traditionally wear outfits covered in pearl buttons. I read some facts about the Pearlies in Spook's sim that I didn’t know about, I suppose I had never really thought about how it all started and why these Londoners created a Pearly Monarchy. I’m not going to spoil it here, you can travel over to Whitechapel and drink in the atmosphere and read all about them, and believe me it’s a very interesting part of life in the markets in old London Town!

Costermongers are people who sell their wares from stalls and carts in London markets, you would most probably know them now as ‘street traders’, 'barrow boys' or ‘market traders’. The original costermongers were a tough lot, looking out for each other and enforcing their own laws in respect of anyone who crossed them. Spooks has set up his own little market in the sim with a history of the costermongers and their link to the Pearly Kings and Queens. I loved the virtual stalls, one of them selling meat with a slop bucket next to it, complete with flies swarming around the messy bloody water. Go on over and learn a little bit about life in the markets in 1888, you will be fascinated!

Janey Bracken

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