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Friday, 30 July 2010

Singles and Darts on the Agenda of the Union Jack Pub

Get ready to shake those ‘bon bons’ down at the Union Jack Pub!! Landlady Cutewillow Carlberg is having a 'Singles’ Night' on Mondays, so put your glad rags on and see if you fancy anyone giving those bon bons a good shuffle! Maybe some avatar speed dating is a good idea, that’s the beauty of SL, you can always tp away if your date for the evening looks a bit different once the beer has worn off!! On Thursdays it’s a bit of bully with a darts night!! Yes you can really play darts in SL and it’s fun, so if I were you I would sneak over and practice before Thursday then you can make out you are an expert darts player on the night! Fridays is, of course, Trivia night, like I wrote a few days ago, this is very popular and you should get there early to see if you can win lots of lovely Linden dosh!! The evenings may vary slightly with times, either 10-12pm SLT and 12-2pm SLT, however you can contact Landlady Cute to confirm!

Janey Bracken


cuttewillow said...

thanks janie
cute xxxx

Anonymous said...

That's a Union Flag not a jackwhich is a white flag with a quartered Union Flag top left transit flown from a ship. Even if the union flag is flown in full from a ship it isn't a flag.

So, it's either another bloody yank pretending or worse, a Brit who knows nowt... nothing changes between sl and rl do it? ;-)

Janey Bracken said...

I would imagine most people know that the flag is called the Union flag without the Jack, but like Big Ben being the Bell and not the tower, but still called Big Ben overall, the Union Jack has sort of stuck in peoples’ minds. As for ‘bloody Yanks’ many of them probably know more about our history than we do, as our schools don’t even bother to teach British History now, something that should be put right, we should be proud of our heritage, (what is left of it and hasn’t been re-written and tampered with!), whatever our flag is called. If we have a landmark in SL, even if the name is wrong, it keeps us on the map, which is a good thing!

Janey :)

seany said...

Oh lord do people not have anything better to do than write dribble about a flag they should really take care of there own problems :)