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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Our Very Own Gaga's At The West End Club!

I’d been away unexpectedly for a few days last week and this story is a little bit late, but it was such a good event that I still wanted you to see, not only the performers, but also the audience with their brilliant costumes. StageOne Production put on a great show again at the West End Club outdoor concert, it was a Lady Gaga tribute night and the sim was crowded with partygoers, some of them dressing like Lady Gaga as their own tribute to this very famous singer. Even before the stage curtains opened we were treated to dj Jim Leckrone dancing in a sparkly silver Gaga outfit, I had to be careful with the camera angle as Jim’s outfit left little to the imagination!!

The show started as the Lady Gaga tribute artist came onto the stage in a spectacular feathered costume and she gave a great performance with her backing dancers and band. All the Gaga hits were played to a very appreciative audience.

Pictured are some of the brilliant costumes donned by the audience, SarahKb7 Koskinen look every inch a Gaga in her skin tight black outfit, Bondaisy Rau looked stunning as Gaga in red and eclispo Fallen wowed us in yellow. Further over Nahiram Vaniva and Simon Seurat both looked amazing too, and it goes to show how Lady Gaga costumes can look good on the boys as well as the girls, yes Simon made us all smile!!!

It was a fanstic evening and lots of fun, thanks to Brie Janick, Seany1235 Blinker, Clive Hissop, Cutewillow Carlberg and StageOne Production!!! (Brie isn't very well at the moment and we wish her a speedy recovery! Get well soon Brie xxx)

Janey Bracken

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