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Thursday, 15 July 2010

London Girl Has Some Great Designs

I'd been looking around for some nice jeans for a while and I found a great shop called London Girl owned by Jane Westminster. London Girl is full of great outfits and they are all very reasonably priced, (under the 200 Linden mark) for sets of jeans tops and shorts. Jane does a wide selection of clothes, many unisex, and lots with traditional British flags and emblems as well as some logos and flags from other countries too. I bought a terrific pair of torn jeans with a couple of hoodie tops with a 'London' logo on and I am really pleased with them. They are very well made and designed with a lot of detail. Jane does a big range of clothes to suit all occasions as well, you can even get a school uniform or that little black dress for those London cocktail parties! I loved Jane's clothes and will go back for another look soon. With those prices you can afford to fill your virtual wardrobe with Jane's brilliant designs.

Janey Bracken

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