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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Live ABBA Sweden Are Awesome!

I went over to Virtual Hyde Park to watch a live tribute band on Saturday night. It was Abba Sweden and I must say I was really impressed!! The band sounded pure Abba and so smooth you would have thought it was an actual Abba recording! Looking the part too, the virtual group had really worked on their avatars to dress just like the famous Swedish legends, (although regretfully, due to lag Jesper Prinz remained grey to me!) Abba has proved to be so popular in real life that their music is still very much appreciated all over the world, and it has the staying power to be around for a long time to come! So bringing Abba music into SL is a great idea, as there must be many fans who visit the grid and are only too happy to catch their favourite music in-world.

I caught up with one of the band members Jesper Prinz and he kindly answered some questions for me. The band consists of avatars Greta Genira, Ewa Aska, Jesper Prinz, Erik Bruun, and Annabella Lundquist (Annabella had been unable to play Hyde Park as she hadn’t been able to access the full sim, which was a shame).

I asked Jesper if they were actually an ABBA tribute band in real life and I wanted to know what brought them to Second Life. He told me “No, we are not. We are far too old and ugly for that:) We have always loved music and doing shows and this with Abba Sweden's really just a distraction from our other doings in SL.” Jesper continued “Earlier we played in another band, but quit. But our appetite was wetted....We also needed to do something at our own sims, Icehotel SL, Sarek/Nordic Lights etc...and Ewa Aska came up with this idea.”

Why did they pick the group Abba to form a tribute band? Jesper said “We all are from Sweden and we all stood in front of the mirrors and mimed when we were kids... with the cassette tape-recorders on full volume!” I asked if Jesper thought ABBA was a favourite with everyone in SL, he told me “No unfortunately not, not yet! But we will conquer the grid!” Did Jesper think SL is a good place for musicians? “SL is a great place for people to realize their dreams, with little fundings” he answered.
I asked him if there was anything else he would like to add, surprisingly he told me “Well first of all we have to say that we are really disappointed at Torric Rodas who totally ignored our little, but all so humble list of requirements. But we will give him another chance and just because he shall not be able to escape from it next time, I present it openly here:
1) A private room in the stadium at least 200 square meters and with a closet that has room for at least 3500 pieces. Anna, Eva and Greta has a huge amount of clothes and these are more important than life itself to them.

2) All furniture must be white backstage

3) The toilets must be brand new and will be inspected before

4) Evil Eye lights that give protection against evil glances from parts of Second Life

5) Candlelight made of lemon, myrrh, cinnamon and tea.

6) 250 pcs white roses that fills our dressing room but also to match with the white furniture

7) Anna requires an iPod to the brim full of rockabilly, so that she will be in the mood

8) Calorie-free Japanese pixel crisps with fresh vegetables Ranch dip

9) Lodge shall not have air conditioning when the risk for colds is imminent

10) Oxygen on stage

11) Round toothpicks

12) New Zealand cheddar cheese”

So you see Jesper is not only a terrific musician, he also has a great sense of humour, at least I think he was joking, or ABBA Sweden may prove to be SL Divas to rival Mariah Carey! Get them what they want boys, we want them back to entertain us!!

Thank you for talking to me Jesper!!
Janey Bracken


Hibiscus said...

What a great band! I really enjoyed their concert and considering everything, I think their requests are pretty reasonable. I can especially relate to the first one, having a huge amount of clothes myself. Thanks for the interview, Janey, so nice to hear the behind the scenes story, and thanks to Torric and Billy for bringing the group to Hyde Park.

Jesper Prinz said...

Thank you! It was really fun!

See you!


Anonymous said...

ouch! what a way to end a story huh? Suppose we don't need to guess the author's opinion of Torric Rodas. The (un)bias thing to do would have been to end the story on a positive note. Seems maybe Ms. Bracken missed that day in "journalism school".

All that aside, it was a great concert. Well done Abba Sweden and Torric Rodas!

(see how I ended it on a positive?)

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous, you twit!

I guess you missed a day in "reading comprehension" school.

The author was clearly joking about the "demanding" list. It was humor and not a dig at Torric. Did you even read it, or are you just hell bent on being critical??

I'm guessing that you didn't really mean to sound like an idiot.

Did that end on a positive enough note?


Janey Bracken said...

Hi Anon,

I was a little saddened to read your comment in which you implicated that I had slighted Torric. If you had read the article properly you would have seen that one of the ABBA Sweden band members, Jesper had written a very humorous and witty comment about appearing in Hyde Park, in fact it was a warm and friendly joke with Torric, saying that the group’s diva demands had not been met. Jesper enjoyed playing in Virtual London with the band and it is a shame that you have tried to write something into the article that isn’t there. I have not, and I would not slight Torric in this article, he had done a great job putting the show on, which I, along with the rest of the crowd enjoyed immensely.

seany said...

Well said drax im glad someone put that idot in there place

Hibiscus said...

I think you missed something, Anonymous, and I don't mean just signing your name (although that is missing, too). Obviously Jesper was joking about their demands. The band was great, everyone there had a wonderful time and Janey was capturing the fun and lightheartedness of the occasion in her article.
Well done, Janey, ABBA and Torric, for bringing the group to Hyde Park. (see, I'm ending on a positive note)

Anonymous said...

I didn't miss a thing folks. I read the entire article. I undrestood that the list was a joke. I also understand that people like Seany enjoy making a meal out of stories like this simply because they can.

I don't claim to be a reporter, just someone who reads. And I stand by my comments. Had this been one of your favorite sims you never would have ended a story like that. I've read your other posts here and you all know it is true.

The reason my name is missing is because I know that this blog is riddled with hostile readers who want nothing more than to tear people to shreds if they don't agree with the comments written.

Ed Follet said...

It's a shame that this blog seems to attract so much hostility, none of us are professional journalists. Anon could have countered the perceived negativity with a positive comment about the content rather than a personal attack on the style which is bound to provoke a response. I don't think any of our writers have made such a comment on the London Sims blog and yes, we would always add our names.

Hibiscus said...

Anonymous, the article was not meant as an attack on anyone.
Virtual London is one of my favourite sims, I have a home there. I would not be responding to your comments except that I know that Janey's article was not intended as anything other than a report on the concert and an interview with one of the band members. If I had written it myself I might very well have ended it the same way because it was humourous and because we all hope to see the band again. Plus I am willing to come out here and take full responsibility for my comments. You may think I can't read, or am deluded or stupid, or being disingenuous, but at least you know who I am.

Anonymous said...

If you don't want people to post Anonymously, then take away that right.

As I have stated I post anonymously because this blog is a hot bed for reprisal. Just read some of the other story comments, you know what I mean.

Ed you may not claim to be a reporter but Janey Bracken does. My comments are my opinion, which I am entitled to. Like it or not, The story comes off as a flippant, "I feel I have to include this" story with a negative end.

Say what you want, but you know it is true. I realize you are all Janey friends and will come to her defense. If this story had appeared on any other blog my comments would still be the same.

I do want to point out that stories about bands on other sims have not ended in such a manner. Tropical Drift for instance. Ms. Bracken went googoo for GaGa and praised everyone involved. She chose to end that story on a positive note. She chose to end this story on a joke, but the humour was lost and came out as a negative slant on a particular person.

Again, this is my opinion and I am entitled to it. And since this blog is open to the public and obviously unmoderated I feel I can post my opinions as freely as the next person.


Jesper Prinz said...

Well I dont normally comment, but this time I just have to do it:

Torric Roddic is one of the most proffessional event managers I have met in SL and I have met many. Over and out

Janey Bracken said...

Firstly Anon, feel free to post your comments as long as they do not become abusive, you are entitled to your opinion, which regretfully sees you bringing hidden meanings only you can see about the write up of an event. It’s your opinion and I respect that! Secondly I have never claimed to be a professional reporter, I just write on the blogs and for ireport CNN along with many others. You seem to have a problem with me and I challenge you to contact me in-world if you have the bottle! Oh, bottle means ‘nerve’ to Americans. Perhaps we can discuss your comments to an amicable outcome, or perhaps not. Bye the way I am allowing you to comment as it is my blog and I will remove any comments that I feel are not appropriate.

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Jesper,

This article was a tribute to both Abba Sweden and Torric for a great evening, thank you for your comments.

Janey :))

seany said...

lol i know who you are Anon it dont take much to work it out its sad really your trying to bring other sims into it.
This blog is the only one that puts out a proper story about an event the reporters are the best around ublike some blogs that only but out 3 lines on such a great abba event take a look at closer to home first that might help you.