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Friday, 9 July 2010

Have Your Photo Taken and Dress the Part Too!

Do you ever see those family pictures in SL houses that look like old sepia photographs from long ago and wish you could have one for your home? Well now you can get that professionally done portrait taken in a classy establishment in Whitechapel 1888! Spooks Blackburn has a new photography shop and he is a master photographer. You can get a nice black and white portrait for L$399 and one with a worn look (authentically stressed to look really old) for L$499. Spooks will add a texture frame as well if you so desire for just L$199 (plus L$49 for a sculptie frame). You can buy a complete package for L$700 which includes 1 black and white portrait, one worn portrait, plus 2 x 3D frames. Spooks’ work would look brilliant on any wall, modern or Victorian alike.

Of course, if you want to dress the part as a Victorian, you could do no better than to visit another shop in Whitechapel called Hats and Clothes (HAC) owned by Iwan Balogh. Iwan has a beautiful selection of fine period clothing and hats to pick from and they are extremely well made and have lots of detail, just the thing for that elegant era. You still have to be careful whilst visiting Whitechapel of course, Jack the Ripper is still on the loose and he may have been to HAC to be kitted out as a fine gentleman, so beware, just because you meet someone wearing smart clothes it doesn’t mean he’s not dangerous……..

Janey Bracken

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