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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Have an Evening of Fun With Trivia!

What is it about trivia that gets everyone excited? The trivia nights at the Union Jack pub are a smash hit, we all turn up and enjoy the dancing and the music, but mostly we wait for Seany or Brie to say “here we gooooooo!” and we know the next trivia question is about to be read out! Sometimes it’s a bit confusing with all the people using gestures and people chatting in text, as you look at the screen you hope to read the question really quickly with your fingers poised on the keyboard hoping you are fast enough to type the answer in! Then if you are anything like me, if you know the answer, someone either types it in faster or you make a typo and it comes out all wrong! I actually got a couple of questions right the other night, it was pure guesswork! But it’s such a nice feeling when Seany says “wtg Janey”. The regular crowd are great fun, they have a laugh and a joke as they have all got to know each other. Anyone new who drops in soon realises they are very welcome too and often remark what a nice atmosphere the pub has. Landlady Cutewillow Carlberg always looks after her customers and makes sure no one is left out. We even had snow in the middle of July last week inside the pub, it looked really pretty as the snowflakes came down, someone thought they would add flavour to the Snow Patrol tune that was playing at the time!

If you fancy winning some money, yes it’s 50 Lindens each time you get a question right! Go over to the Union Jack on Wednesday and Friday nights for a lot of fun and a few brain teasers!



Janey Bracken

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cutewillow said...

thanks janie we love have fun shake our bonbon
giggles our fav thing to do in the
pub cute:)