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Friday, 23 July 2010

Harley Street Oncology Clinic In SL

Checking out London places in ‘search’ yesterday I came across quite a serious side to SL that offers a service away from the usual social scenes and fun things. The London Oncology Clinic has a site in SL to enable their patients to explore the clinic virtually before their arrival in real life, giving them some idea of what to expect. You can take a tour by using the seats provided outside that wiz you into the clinic and scanning area, but I found going on foot was the best method as there are so many levels to explore. It’s set in a really nicely built copy of Harley Street, London, with some surrounding streets included. The London Oncology Clinic (LOC) is situated at number 95 Harley Street, London W1G 6AF in real life.

The notice provided states “We set up this representation of the London Oncology Clinic in Second Life so you could experience the clinic before coming here. We have tried to create a realistic representation of the clinic, which you can visit and walk around at your leisure.

Our goal at the London Oncology Clinic is to work with you, focussing all our expertise on treating your cancer, making you feel cared for and supported, and reducing as far as possible the stress of the whole experience.”

SL is used in all different ways and health and education play quite a big part. I hope this virtual clinic does help patients make it easier to step over the door of the real clinic, as they will have some insight into what goes on there. It’s an interesting virtual place to visit anyway for students and non-cancer suffering SL citizens too.

Janey Bracken

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Ed Follet said...

An amazing sim not only for the superb building construction but also the detailed objects within, many of which must be custom made. But I wonder if it is realistic to expect RL patients to become SL newbs in order to benefit from it, although the chair-borne tour would certainly shorten the learning required. If this virtual clinic was also linked to in-world cancer support groups, then as a whole package it could be very useful indeed.