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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Grand Opening of the Rendezvous Club

There’s a smart new club in virtual Kensington, and it looks like it may turn out to be a very popular place as it already has a nice ambience about it with the cool interior. It’s called ‘Rendezvous’ and it will open its doors for the first time on July 9 at 5pm SLT, (that’s 1am UK time).

I met one of the Managers of Rendezvous, Stavros Jolbey, who was getting the club ready for the opening and I asked him what sort of music they would play, he told me “We will have a mixture of music..with dj’s and live artists.”

The grand opening should be pretty exciting, there will be contests running each hour as follows:

First hour: Best in Casual
Second hour: Best in Baggy
Third hour: Best in Rat Pack
Fourth hour: Best in Formal Wear

So it appears that your choice of dress is optional. The Rendezvous looks like a great place to meet your friends and chill out. Any queries should be sent to Managers Stavros Jolbey or DoctorEva Adored in-world.

Janey Bracken


Anonymous said...

More traffic moving :)

Anonymous said...

How many Clubs does London have Now?? There's so Many You can't keep track of Them All! I Don't Think its a good idea to have So Many because it's not like it's a very popular Sim like it used to be. Shame, that.

- A Former Tenent

Anonymous said...

To Anon there are so many clubs and pubs in london now its not for the community anymore its just about money shuch a real shame.

Anonymous said...

funny how jealous they still are.

Anonymous said...

Jealous of what london is doing lmao the place is a joke using bots in the club in mayfair now let me think thats a TOS.
Just face fact you messed the place up and don't no how to fix it lol.
It shows they still read this blog pretending they don't

seany1235 said...

can we not dig the past up again me and brie have moved on thank you