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Monday, 12 July 2010

Amos was Virtually a Police Officer!

I went over to virtual Hyde Park the other day to open a few boxes in the sandbox there. As I teleported in I could hear a few people complaining about someone called Henry, whom I glimpsed as I arrived. There were also big blue bubbles with people who looked like they may have been trapped inside. It seemed naughty Henry may have been playing around and caging people in the bubbles. Nothing terrible, but it is griefing and a nuisance to people who just want to be left alone.

Henry seemed to vanish from the location only to be replaced by someone called Amos who had combat gear on. I watched as Amos, who had a Police tag on, demanded to know what had been going on and then, like a hero clicked on the bubbles making them disappear. By this point I thought it was really funny and decided to banter with Amos to see what he would say.
[2010/07/09 7:39] Amos: what happened?
[2010/07/09 7:39] Amos: what are these bubbles?
[2010/07/09 7:40] Janey Bracken: so Henry gives you permissions to use his stuff Amos?
[2010/07/09 7:40] Amos: who's Henry?
[2010/07/09 7:40] Janey Bracken: well you must know him if you can delete his objects
[2010/07/09 7:40] Amos: huh
[2010/07/09 7:41] Amos: Really
[2010/07/09 7:41] Amos: these bubbles
[2010/07/09 7:41] Amos: can be shot
[2010/07/09 7:41] Amos: thanks to a weapon
[2010/07/09 7:41] Janey Bracken: yes they were property of Henry
[2010/07/09 7:41] Amos: It's sufficient to have that weapon
[2010/07/09 7:41] Amos: to cancel bubbles
[2010/07/09 7:41] Janey Bracken: lol
[2010/07/09 7:41] Janey Bracken: if you say so
[2010/07/09 7:42] Amos: yes
[2010/07/09 7:43] Amos: Excuse me
[2010/07/09 7:43] Amos: can I ask you some questions?
Amos turned to the group saying:
[2010/07/09 7:43] Amos Farstrider: you all
[2010/07/09 7:43] Amos Farstrider: this kid was a policeman also? (meaning Henry and I think I did see a police tag on him too!)
[2010/07/09 7:44] Amos: because only police can use that weapon
[2010/07/09 7:44] Amos: It's impossibile
[2010/07/09 7:44] Amos: then
[2010/07/09 7:44] Janey Bracken: so what sort of police are you, all alts, couple of days old? (an alt is an alternative avatar to the one someone usually uses in SL)
[2010/07/09 7:44] Amos: His surname?
[2010/07/09 7:44] Amos: Do you remember his surname?
[2010/07/09 7:45] Amos: We'll eject him
[2010/07/09 7:45] Amos: from police
[2010/07/09 7:45] Janey Bracken: so Amos what is your other av called?
[2010/07/09 7:45] Amos: What's av
[2010/07/09 7:45] Janey Bracken: avatar
[2010/07/09 7:46] Janey Bracken: well being you are a newbie you seem to have come an awful long way in a day
[2010/07/09 7:46] Amos: Police Force 5 Unit
[2010/07/09 7:46] Janey Bracken: so who gives you authority to police virtual London?
[2010/07/09 7:46] Amos: They need new policeman
[2010/07/09 7:47] Amos: so I can join police simply
[2010/07/09 7:47] Amos: I'm here solving problems
[2010/07/09 7:47] Amos: and patrolling the area
[2010/07/09 7:47] Janey Bracken: looks to me like you are causing problems
2010/07/09 7:47] Amos: I didn't cause problems
[2010/07/09 7:48] Janey Bracken: you had access to Henry's bubbles he was annoying people with, which means you are one in the same or you know him.
Poor Amos (whom I believe was Henry too), told me that he knew so much at the age of 1 day old because he had read forums and stuff, he did have a vivid imagination and he did make me laugh. He teleported away in the end to probably find some other people to annoy in another sim somewhere. I don’t normally report on griefers, but this little role playing police officer was funny, he had created his own little storyline and I think he should find a role playing sim where he would feel more at home.

Janey Bracken


Anonymous said...

Amos was lucky. I was very nearly banned from the London sims a while ago merely by walking around in my policeman's uniform and causing no harm other than saying the occasional, 'evening all' BJ

Janey Bracken said...

Hi BJ,

Oh dear I had better be careful then, I have one of those lovely policewoman uniforms made by Gerr Finesmith. Gerr is brilliant at making uniforms and I used to love seeing him walking around Virtual London in his policeman's outfit. I haven't seen him for a while and hope he is still making some great stuff. I know we all felt safer in our virtual beds to see Gerr walking around the lovely Chelsea sim in those days!! As for Amos, well he looked more like a mercenary in that outfit, no style whatsoever!!

Janey :))