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Thursday, 10 June 2010

We Are Now The Metaverse London News Team

To mark our two years of reporting in virtual London, we have a new title for our small band of freelance journalists. Our group is now called The Metaverse London News Team, and like it suggests, we write about all London based sims and sites in SL, of which there are some great places. We have gained a wealth of experience over the two years and we realised a long time ago that it’s the SL residents that make everything tick. You won’t find a shortage of gossip, drama, joy and tears in these communities, people form real bonds with their groups and they work hard, party hard and sometimes argue with a passion, but it’s never boring!

Us lot of virtual journalists never seem to have much luck at being logged on at the same time because of time zones, but four of us did manage to celebrate Monday night as Pixi Piers, Ed Follet, Hibiscus Hastings and I went out for the night. We went over to the West End Club where Brie was celebrating her real life birthday and we had a great time. Brie and Seany had a tribute gig last Saturday with the wonderful StageOne Production putting on a fantastic night as The Black Eyed Peas, and the sim had been packed to bursting with people going to see it. Virtual London had a brilliant tribute Beatles night the next day, and Wiccy Shackleton, tayla Tigerfish and the team put on a great show, once again to a large crowd of avs who had a lovely time!
After Brie’s birthday bash, the evening wasn’t over for us as the clock struck twelve in the West End Club, so Pixi, Hib Ed and I decided to head over to Butler’s Wharf to Janis Short’s Hangout Club. This really is a lovely late night place to go, as the atmosphere is electric. Janis Short was dj’ing and we were joined by Morrissey Short, Robyn Pastorelli, Simon Seurat, Nahiram Vaniva and Rob Fenwitch for a terrific night. We all stayed later than we intended, as in the UK it was 2am when I finally logged off and I wished I could have stayed longer.

So our old group called the London Press are no longer with us, but the Metaverse London News Team are now on the prowl, so watch out we will probably be visiting your London site for a story very soon!!

Janey Bracken


Ed Follet said...

That was a fun night Janey and lovely to have Pixi along with us. There are still so many new London sims out there appearing all the time we are going to have our work cut out for a long time yet. Great report and pictures.

Ed :-))

seany1235 said...

Great story janey and great new name look out all the london sims out there hehe :)

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Ed and Seany,

Thanks for your comments!

Janey :))

Jon said...

any chance of a directory of London / british based sims?

I only drop in now and then and this is a great place to look for brit stuff going on.

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Jon,

That does sound like a good idea, many thanks for suggesting it, watch this space!!

Janey :))