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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Our News Team Are Made Welcome In The New London Village

The Metaverse London News Team (us lot!!) are privileged to have bases within some of the communities on which we report. It’s nice to meet people, and by having our ‘news shops’ people can drop in and not only pick up the links to our different news blogs, but also stay and have a chat if we are about. I’ve quite often written articles simply by bumping into people in the virtual streets or chatting to them when they come to visit, you never know, you might find yourself on the front page the next day!! You can also find a link to our CNN stories at the shops, which also tells a brief history of CNN’s involvement in SL.

We already have bases in the beautifully and lively Virtual London’s Kensington and the vibrant friendly Tropical Harmony sim, where you will find the West End Club. Now I am pleased to announce that we have a shop in the Doctor Who Zone - New London Village, kindly given to us by owner Kat Kassner and Manager Laredo Lowtide. I’ve already reported on the New London Village a few times and Kat and Laredo put in a lot of hard work to make it a brilliant place to be, both to visit and to reside in. They already have an established community and they have created a wonderful atmosphere there, making people want to come back all the time.

If you want to pay our shop in the Doctor Who Zone a visit, make the most of it and have a wander around to see a virtual Capital at its best, with landmarks like The Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Big Ben and Trafalgar Square, it’s pure magic. Of course if you are a Doctor Who fan there is the added bonus of playing out your favourite character, so beware you may meet a Darlek just around the corner! Kat and Laredo are usually around, so drop by and say ‘Hello’ Also if you want to have a sit down and relax with your friends, we have installed a ‘Truthball’ in our shop so you can get to know your friends a little better. The Truthball has a set of questions, which you take turns in answering and you are supposed to tell the truth!!! It’s great fun!

The Doctor Who Zone have their own fantastic news blog too, so keep up to date with all their happenings on their very own website as well!

Many Thanks to Kat and Laredo for accepting us into their unique and wonderful London!

Janey Bracken

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful friendly atmosphrere! It's nice to go to a sim that makes you feel so welcome!!! It makes all the difference in the orld in how you enjoy the experience!!