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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Meeting Charlotte and Solving the Flowers Problem

I go over to the Hyde Park Sandbox quite a bit to build stuff or open boxes as I’m prone to SL building accidents. I managed to put half my house away the other day when I clicked on an object that I was editing to take it back into my inventory, and I did the same in my shop in Kensington, taking my display wall down!! So there I was in the park doing a bit of dodgy building when I met Charlotte Yeu.

Charlotte came over and said hello, she is quite new but looked very stylish and pretty. We started to chat and Charlotte told me that she is making her own clothes, not a bad achievement for someone only a few weeks old in SL! She wore a lovely blue top with black spots and I asked her about how she got started. She said “A girl gave me a bookmark to her shop. So I went and looked, and I thought "these are okay, I feel like I could make it myself though" and then I thought I'd give it a try!”. Charlotte told me that she has been doing a lot of research into making clothes and she modelled two dresses that she has also designed. You could tell that Charlotte has an eye for textures and also her clothes already look professionally made, so I think we have another budding designer in Charlotte! I became her first customer and bought the lovely blue top from her, which she makes in six colours. Way to go Charlotte! I’ll be keeping an eye on you to see if you make it big like our very own top designer Nils Tomorrow, who now owns her own empire of SL stores.

Talking of making things, I struggle along, but tried to make some plants the other day. I’ve been looking around to see how people make one-prim bunches of flowers. I’ve used two or three prims crossed over to make the flowers look 3D from all sides, but couldn’t find out how they put multiple textures into one prim. I even got Rob Fenwitch, the manager of Kensington trying to find out for me. He was very kind, but we never did find out that day. Anyways, I’m not sure if it’s Rob, but someone has put a lovely flower stall near my shop and I thought I’d examine the flowers to see who the builder was. I was lucky, it was someone I had met and interviewed just a few weeks ago. JubJub Forder is the Design Director for The Avatar Reparatory Theatre group and they had put on a fabulous show called Alice in WonderSLand, which had sold out during its run. Jub is a master of special effects and building, so I dropped him an IM to see how he made the flowers. Jub got back to me and told me that it’s a sculptie prim (new ground for me this one!) and he had them for sale on xstreet (also new ground for me, buying on xstreet!). I was delighted, I logged into and put some money into the xstreet account, then I bought Jub’s sculptie prim, which I will practice with. And xstreet? well! Its opened up a whole new world of shopping for me, I’m not sure that’s a good thing though!!!

Janey Bracken


Anonymous said...


of course you could just buy your flowers from the stall next to your office or from one of the other two in Kensington.


Janey Bracken said...

Hi Rob,

Yes, of course I could buy some flowers from the stalls, and lovely they are too, Jub is very clever, but as you know I asked you about making them before the stalls arrived there, so I had an interest in making stuff back then. I do enjoy building sometimes and fancied my hand at some flowers, which I think look lovely in SL. Many thanks for the stalls though, they look beautiful in the sim.

Janey :)