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Monday, 28 June 2010

Heavenly Nightclub Opens in Little London

I attended the opening of Heavenly, a fabulous new Nightclub in Little London on Friday night. The spacious club is decorated to fit right in with the London scene with the Union Flag as its main theme. Movie stills of British cult television shows, film stars and legendary rock bands are displayed on the walls and there are comfortable lounge areas with pole dancers to entertain those who want to sit away from the main dance floor area. The club soon became crowded as owner Steve Rumsford announced the official opening as he greeted the new arrivals. Dj April McCoy did a fantastic job playing an amazing set of Britpop music as dancers Aleria Darkrose and Jani Silvershade played hosts to the clubbers. There was another reason to celebrate as well, it was Slave175 Viper’s Rez day. Slave danced with Raven Harcourt and they looked like they were having a great night - Happy Rez Day Slave! The atmosphere was electric and later I was joined by fellow writers Hibiscus Hasting and Ed Follet, we had a really good time and I can recommend this hot venue! The club is situated in Katrina Pascale’s glorious role-playing Little London sim, which I featured in an earlier article.

I caught up with Heavenly’s owner Steve Rumsford, to ask him about the new club and also his own SL story. I asked Steve if he had run any other SL clubs, he told me “No, Heavenly is my first club, I fell in love with it when I arranged events here, I am also Little London’s Event Minister, so when the opportunity arose I took over the club and have never looked back.” I wanted to know what Steve considered to be essential ingredients for a good SL club, he answered “Regular events and contests help, but the most important thing is having the right staff and atmosphere, this is something I believe we have in abundance with my staff Aleria and Jani and dj April Mccoy, these guys are the backbone of the club and are vital to a good nite.”

Heavenly had previously been run by Steve under a different club name before the re-vamp on Friday, and I asked him what a night out in the club was like, he said “Pretty crazy at times, some nites we get a lot of sim residents showing up and when dj April Mccoy is playing a set we can get pretty packed especially when we have a dance contest where people can win up to 500l for looking great, the club's 90s Britpop theme really draws a great crowd and with April’s rock music at full blast and Jani and Aleria shaking their thing, things really tend to hit the roof, but people always have great fun at the end of the nite and that’s what we are about.”

I asked him if they based the club on any real life London clubs, as the name did sound familiar, Steve told me “Yes we did, obviously for legal reasons we couldn’t name it properly and the design of the club is different to that of the rl one, but everything in Little London is based on rl London so people who hang out on the club scene in London will probably guess the name lol.” And are there any pitfalls to owning and running a club? Steve answered “As for pitfalls, for me there is one major one, if you want to run a club to make dollars and not for the community of the sim you’re in, then forget it, getting a club to fit in with the sim and make money takes a lot of time and genuine graft, you should be prepared to invest time and money and be patient for the first nine months.”

I asked Steve to tell me about his early days in SL and where he had first heard about the virtual world, he told me “I have been in SL just over six months and I had previously heard about it from all the media it had got from when that American woman became rich from it (Anshe Chung), so I waited till I got a new laptop, and as soon as I could I logged on to see what the fuss was all about, initially I was intrigued about the fantasy rp (role-play) and money making side of it, but I soon realized it had so much more to offer.” And what were his first impressions, how did he find SL? he told me it was “Daunting, very daunting, I’m sure everybody does, but because of my kind of inner geek from being an avid rpg gamer I knew I had to give it some time before I got the hang of it, and when I started getting the hang of rezzing, building and editing and not wearing boxes on my head when I wanted to wear a new item of clothing, I soon became settled, I was also lucky to stumble on the sim which is Little London and now my home, the people and Katrina got me settled and really eased me into it, without them it would of taken much longer.” I asked Steve if he visited any other sims he said “My love of America means I spend a lot of time in NYC sims, but they are not a match on Little London lol.”

As Little London is a role-play sim I asked Steve if he took part, as well as running the club, he told me “From time to time I join in with the Little London rp, Stephanie Asialla who is head of police here helps with that and does a great job, the rp is always free running and there are no tough restrictions so people can join or watch if they want, I also hang out with my good friend in Little London, Starbuck Jinx, he is a great laugh and we go dancing together, he also runs the pub in Little London, which I suggest you all check out lol!” (The Pub is the Queen Victoria, and yes I will check it out!!).

And why did Steve settle in the Little London sim in the first place? He said “Well I live in London in rl, so it made sense that my home in SL was here, Little London was the first sim I came across that was well built smooth running and unbelievably friendly, after spending time here and after getting used to things, I decided to make it my home, which is why I opened the club here really, as it wasn’t so much about making money, but creating jobs for the people here and generating tips to help with the running of the sim. Like I said before, a club has to fit in with the community and I hope that’s what I have achieved here.” And achieved it Steve has, Heavenly nightclub is a fantastic place to spend an evening, it has everything, great music, a brilliant atmosphere and exciting events and contests as well as the friendliest management and clientele you could imagine. Take a taxi over to Little London and treat yourself to an amazing night on the town!!

Janey Bracken

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Ed Follet said...

You are more up on the London night spots than me Janey! but I eventually found the rl club with google. It really was a fabulous night and the club was packed. We are lucky to have such a variety of London clubs to choose from now, each with a unique character and filling its own niche. Thanks to Kat and Steve for the invite and best wishes and good luck with the club.

Ed :-))