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Friday, 11 June 2010

Get Ready For the Footie In New London!

The 2010 World Cup is well on its way and it’s England Vs USA on Saturday!! Yay!! But you don’t have to wait till then to start celebrating, there is a party tonight in the Doctor Who New London sim, and it starts at 1pm till 3pm (SLT) that’s 9pm till 11pm (UK time). The party is in the brilliant New London Square in the shadow of Big Ben. Laredo Lowtide and Kat Kassner will be dj’ing and it looks like a party not to miss!! It doesn’t matter who you support in the World Cup, Kat and Laredo have arranged free flags for every country taking part, so get on over there and get your country's flag to wave on their big day! Also you can pick up a couple of free England Football kits that have hats and gestures and lots of fun things in!

Janey Bracken
P.S. I just heard that Brie Janick from the West End Club will be
holding a photograph contest in
the World Cup theme for lots of lovely dosh. I'll bring you more on
that tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!! Hoping for a competitive USA-England match !!!

Anonymous said...

Im predicting a 3-1 win for England!

Janey Bracken said...

Not long to go now! Good Luck to both teams! (COME ON ENGLAND!!! oops sorry, hehe)

Janey :)))