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Friday, 4 June 2010

From One Prim Plants to a Winning Photo!

Prims are very valuable, you rent your house in Virtual London and you want to furnish it, and that’s when the prim count begins. You want that sofa but it has too many prims and if you buy the sofa, then you can’t have the dining table you want because you have exceeded your prim limit! Well you have to shop carefully and go for low prim stuff, which luckily, is getting easier to find with sculpty items becoming more popular. It’s the same with your garden, you want that looking nice as well don’t you, well now you can, Dragomir’s Garden Centre in Virtual Knightsbridge has a brilliant display of one prim plants and flowers for sale, some of the cherry blossom trees even have petals that gently fall to the ground and they look so realistic. Dragomir’s plants are very reasonably priced too, it’s not a big outlay to have that fantastic garden that everyone will admire. Pop over to Knightsbridge and have a look!

Changing the subject a little, Janis Short had a photograph competition in her Hangout Club in Butler’s Wharf and she has just announced the winner. Congratulations to Bondaisy Rau, whose lovely atmospheric picture, taken outside of the club, took top prize. Congratulations too, to the runners up, second place went to Simon Seurat and Nahiram Vaniva and third place to Robyn Pastorelli. Well done everyone! Janis tells me that she will be holding more competitions, so everyone will get a chance to show what they can do!

Janey Bracken

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