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Sunday, 6 June 2010

England Vs USA World Cup Celebrations Begin!

The excitement is growing as the first England match of the 2010 World Cup takes place on Saturday June 12 between England and the USA. Well for all those footie fans and even non-footie fans you can join in the fun in SL! From June 11 to June 13, The Doctor Who New London sim are bringing us a three-day event in honour of the first England match. On Friday night there is a World Cup Party, which will be held on the river Thames - England Vs USA! On Saturday you can listen to fantastic Canadian DJ Sin down at the Citadel Timelords Club. Sunday brings that great US SL band Burning Bush to New London with their very visual performance! New London Manager Laredo Lowtide told me “Could say England and the US are both represented in that weekend – with Canada as small bit of neutrality in between” For more information contact either sim owner Kat Kassner or Laredo in-world.

If you are English, American, Canadian or any other nationality, New London will be buzzing this week, so get over there and start celebrating the World Cup!! Come on England!!!!

Janey Bracken

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Alt Lexington said...

i sent a couple of hours exploring this sim, didnt talk to anyone but i can confirm that it is a great sim to visit.