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Friday, 7 May 2010

Time Lords Running The Country!

All I can say is phew!! What a day yesterday was, Election Day turned out to be pretty amazing. I had searched around for election related things in SL and headed over to Kat Kassner’s New London to see what was going on. Meeting Kat over there, she took me to see her polling station down by Tower Bridge. People had already been voting by the time I got there and besides all the real life Parties, Kat had The Time Lords, New Dalek Empire and the Gene Hunt for PM Party on the voting board as well. It was clear that the Time Lords were already hot favourites to win. This drew quite a bit of media attention as I received a phone call from CNN International who wanted to know what the final results would be in comparison to the real, and much more boring, election outcome. It wasn’t hard to guess that by the end of the evening The Time Lords had won, giving Labour, The Lib Dems and Conservatives a good thrashing!

Meanwhile returning to Virtual London, I heard that they had a polling station in Hyde Park. I met up with fellow reporter Ed Follet and we headed over to see what was happening. We arrived just in time to see Virtual London owner Deb’s Regent casting her vote and she told us that they were covering the real election results live in the Coach and Horses Pub in virtual Mayfair. I looked in and could see they were filming and getting ready to record the news late into the night.
I had to rush away and do a final story for CNN as well as going to a private function that I had been invited to. I’m exhausted and I have no idea how those people felt in real life who had to stay up all night to cover the elections.

I think there is a lesson to be learned here though, the real parties have only got to look at the results in New London to see what the SL public think; the Time Lords should be running the country! Says a lot about what people think about the real life politicians!!

Janey Bracken

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