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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Pussyfooting Around The Elections

Well it’s Election Day in the UK today and time for the British public to make up their minds about who they are going to vote for. It was sort of fitting in a way that they had a best in flags night at the West End Club, just so people could show how patriotic they are. Not that Max and Louie care about voting, they are just interested in where their next meal is coming from. Max the Siamese kitten and Louie the black cat that is! They sneaked into the West End Club last night and tried to avoid all those dancing feet and waving flags. Max is my cat and Louie belongs to fellow writer Ed, Louie purred so loud I had a job hearing the music, Max doesn’t purr very loud but when he falls asleep he snores loud enough to shake the whole building. At one time I thought they were going to have a cat fight, as Max squared up on Louie, but it didn’t happen in the end, Louie flaked out on the floor and Max decided to have a nap too. When they wake up tomorrow they will probably keep an eye on the elections as the votes come in, I think they are worried about the VAT going up on a tin of Whiskas. Although all those politicians have had their claws out over the last few weeks, all in all it was a purrrrfect night in the West End Club!

Janey Bracken

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