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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Metaverse London News Team Back Together

The Metaverse London News Team were finally back together again last night as our very own reporter Pixi Piers came into SL to see us. Hibiscus, Ed, Pixi and I stood in the DMGT offices in Virtual Kensington where we used to be based and it was just like old times. It was great to see Pixi, who has been out of SL for a little while due to ill health, and she plans to visit again soon. It was the first time that Ed and Pixi had met and we were joined by Kensington Manager Rob Fenwitch who dropped in to say hello. It was a fitting way to celebrate the blog's two year anniversary!

Janey Bracken


Alt Lexington said...

i found this blog about 3 months ago and have throughly enjoy reading every article ever since.
its good to be kept up to date about london and over sl stuff.
happy anniversary virtually london (lite)your whole team does a great job that enhances my sl experience.

p.s. theres a tip jar in their shop BIG HINT TO ALL READERS

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Alt,

Thank you for your comments, I'm really pleased that you enjoy the blog and also thank you for your kind donations.

Janey :))