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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Love the Outfits!

It was another purrrfect evening down at the West End Club last night, I’d wandered over to see Jayjay dj’ing and Cutewillow hosting to the delight of the dancers in the club. Then I spotted some little cats dancing together. Marcy Sugarplum, Sondra Jarvinen and Honey Muggins, the three Neko’s were having a great time, their tails swishing around as they moved in perfect time. They never put a paw wrong as their ears twitched in time with the music. I even felt like sorting my own tail out from my inventory to wear, but it would have looked really dull compared to these cool Neko’s! Macy did an outfit change later on and looked brilliant in a red white and blue USA themed costume.

Speaking of costumes after Jay’s terrific music we all went over the Union Jack Pub across the road and I thought SL was playing me up as I spotted Sharon Scofield who appeared to have no head on her shoulders. I know sometimes SL does funny things to my viewer and I only see someone’s hair and shoes till I zoom in closer, but no, I zoomed in and Sharon’s head was still missing!! Then when I looked closer I could see her head was tucked under her arm! She had a beautiful white Tudor gown on and she told me she had been to a historical event at her place earlier in the day. Thank goodness, at least her head should be back on her shoulders when she changes, I think she may have been too near a Henry VIII avatar, no woman’s head was safe near that rogue!

Top Fashion Designer Nils Tomorrow looked stunning last night, she usually wears her own brilliant creations and this time she had a long flowing dress on, it was the sort of dress you would wear to a picnic down by the river on a hot summer’s day. I could just imagine myself in it, with my big picture hat and a glass of iced champagne in my hand, ooh stop dreaming! Nils told me that she is creating some long dresses now, so I will be going over to have a look at her store. The dress last night was so pretty it was a poppy print with a soft muslin skirt and Nils never fails to amaze me with her work. I might just have to buy some new shoes to go with one of Nil’s new dresses too, dirty work, but someone’s got to do it!!!
We had a great time in the Union Jack and Seany was there to dj, but Brie hadn’t been able to get on line, I missed Brie, as she is one of the most stylish dressers in SL as well as one of the bubbliest and nicest host/dj’s. I love to see what she is wearing, I think her and Seany are probably the smartest couple in the grid, always looking so trendy.

I felt quite drab last night, I have my favourite black jeans which I wear a lot, pretty lazy of me, maybe I should make more effort, but among this lot I don’t stand much chance!! I’m heading over to Nil’s anyway, that dress is playing on my mind!!

Janey Bracken


nils tomorrow said...

thanks a lot:) x

Janey Bracken said...

Hi, Nils, It's a pleasure to report on your wonderful creations, and that dress is beautiful!!!

Janey x