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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A Little Chapel Where Victims are Remembered

Spooks Blackburn’s Whitechapel 1888 holds a wealth of information about what life was like in those dark days, well dark for many poor people who lived in London’s East End. I enjoy going over to Spook’s Victorian London sim to see what he has added, and I am learning all the time about life in that era.

It’s nice to be remembered! Most people die and their families keep their loved one's memories alive for as long as possible, but as each generation comes along, people are forgotten unless they achieved some sort of fame in their lives. If people meet a violent end and die before their time, it’s all the sadder for everyone involved. So it was for Jack the Ripper’s victims, they only became famous because of their bad luck at crossing the notorious killer’s path. All the same, they are rarely thought of as normal ladies who had families and friends like the rest of us, but merely working girls who had little respect from society at the time because of their way of life. Looking at the human side of these poor women is a kind and compassionate thing to do and maybe by studying what drove them to such an occupation can teach us about why they became victims in the first place. If only they had been able to take another path in life, chances and circumstances would not have put them there, at the wrong place and at the wrong time to become one of the Ripper's murder victims.

Spooks Blackburn’s sim is doing just that, looking at their stories, each time I visit there I learn a little more about those poor souls whose lives were cut short by the cowardly killer in those Whitechapel streets and alleyways, and in Mary Kelly’s case, her lodging house. Now Spooks tells of the funerals of each of the victims, where and when they were buried and who attended. He has a chapel in the sim with a plaque for each of them. It’s fascinating reading and although one or two of the victims had people who turned up out of curiosity, like at Catherine Eddowe's funeral, most of them seemed to have few relatives or friends in attendance. Large crowds had lined the route at Catherine’s funeral because of her tragic end, and the costs of burying her were actually met by Mr G C Hawkes, the vestryman at St Lukes Church. Her death was registered on October 13, 1888. You get a glimpse into the fact that some people have pauper’s funerals and sadly, in a lot of cases, people die without any friends and family who would have attended to pay their last respects.

A little warning if you travel over to Spooks’ sim after dark though, there is a rumour that Jack has made himself at home in the virtual Whitechapel and he goes out in the night looking for new victims! If you are very brave you can even rent a house there, Spooks has a couple of houses you can live in to get the feel of life in 1800's London, but don't forget to lock your door at night!!
Janey Bracken


seany1235 said...

Great story janey its good to see someone showing a real intrest in the past and the history in london (and not here just to make fast buck out of it )im going to go take a look around there

Janey Bracken said...

Thanks Seany, I'm sure you will find it as interesting as I do!!

Janey :))