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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Jawa In West End Club and Schedule For The Week

Poor dj JayJay Seetan had to keep an eye on his tip jar in the West End Club the other night, a little character from Star Wars, a Jawa, was running amock in the club, circling the dance floor and running speedily over to the stage. The Jawa pretended to raid Jay’s tip jar, just for fun you understand, it was our very own SarahKB7 Koskinen in one of her many sci fi outfits!! I’d hate to say Sarah looked cute because she wouldn’t thank me for it, but she did!!

Club owner Brie Janick had a bit of a nasty fall at home in real life, and I hope she gets better soon, get plenty of rest Brie! Anyways Brie has handed me the weekly schedule for the West End Club and here it is below, please note that the times are SLT:

Tuesday 5/25

12-2pm DJ Redstar



2-4pm DJ Janis -Nahiram



4-6pm DJ jillbeth

HOST: Terakaye


Wednesday 5/26

12-2pm DJ Troy

HOST: Cute


2-4pm Dj Brie



4-6pm DJ Jillbeth

HOST: Terakaye


Thursday 5/27

12-2 DJ JIM

HOST: Amourette

Contest: Best in Fantasy Film Characters

2-4pm DJ Jayjay

HOST: Brie

4-6pm DJ **open **



Friday 5/28

12-2pm DJ **open**



2-4pm DJ Seany Modern Rock (TRIVA)

Hostess: Brie

4-6pm Dj **open**



Saturday 5/29

12-2pm DJ JIM

HOST: Amourette

2-4pm DJ BRIE

Hostess : Nahiram


4-6pm DJ

Hostess: :



jaime s. said...

what happend to brie!!! i hope she is okay!

Janey Bracken said...

Hi jaime s,

Brie had been standing on a chair adjusting a curtain pole when she fell. She is badly bruised with a cracked rib and has to take it easy, but she did manage to come in-world last night and we were all pleased to talk to her. I wish her a speedy recovery.

Janey :)

Anonymous said...

is it true the club is being closed as the sim has gone bust?

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Anon,

Not as far as I know, things seem to be exactly the same and people love going there. I have no idea how rumours start, but someone was putting it about that I was a Virtual London sim Manager a couple of weeks ago, so take things that you hear with a pinch of salt. However to find out for sure about the club you can easily ask Brie or Seany, I'm sure they would tell you, not too sure how you would deal with being Anon in SL though, perhaps get a friend to ask if you are shy.

Janey :))

Alt Lexington said...

it sure is handy having the clubs times listed

jaime s. said...

hopefully she wll get better soon has Everyone knows brie is the best dj and host and club owner at Tropical Harmoney she is the life of that community and no one comes close ot doing what she does we love you brie your the best and Everyones favorite so get better your sorly missed !!

seany1235 < dont need to hide said...

lol at Anonymous hiding there faces as ever sorry disappoint you and i know tyou would love us to be bust but we have loads of new stuff going on i see theres a party for 1 year of mayfair lol like it never was there before that now thats a joke :)

Anonymous said...

Was it not Feebe that got mayfair back on its feet before the now "BOSS" and others tore the sim apart and made a mess of it.