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Monday, 24 May 2010

IcaruS For Real Quality

I’m always shopping and I was looking around Virtual London to see what there was in the way of something unusual, there are beautiful clothes shops I’m pleased to say, (and shoes!!), so I get a lot of joy out of wandering around from shop to shop. Yesterday though, I came across something that was really different, a very sleek and classy looking shop called IcaruS. You could tell by the window displays and the sign that these are very professional and innovative people

SL gadgets and working instruments are getting better all the time and it looks like IcaruS are way up front when it comes to bringing SL residents the latest technology. A lovely watch caught my eye, the Triton Triple Time watch, it has three time zones on it, so handy for the diverse SL population, and you can alter the appearance to suit as well as different models for gentlemen and ladies being available. There’s a new fast way to connect to your favourite sites without leaving SL too, Icarus have a one prim board for sale that connects to twelve of your best social networking sites like Facebook, You Tube and Twitter, to mention but a few.

The IcaruS website states they are a team of “creators of multimedia and machinima in the metaverse primarily in the virtual environment of Second Life. Providing 3-D virtual products, pre-visualizations and presentations for educators and entertainment production companies collaboratively world-wide in cross-platform social networks” You can also buy some real life stuff from the website shop too.

Have a look at their brilliant shop in virtual Mayfair you will be amazed at the quality goods you will find there!

Janey Bracken

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