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Friday, 21 May 2010

Formal Night at The Three Bells Pub

It was a lovely evening at the Three Bells pub in Virtual Knighsbridge last night, they were holding a 'formal dress' evening and everyone looked dead glam in their tuxes and evening dresses. I had been wandering past and dropped in to say hello, so I sat and watched all the people dancing and having a good time, Knightsbridge Venue Assistant Manager Samanda Renfold and dj Stavros Jolbey suggested I should join the dancing, so I sneakily changed my clothes whilst sitting there, hoping SL didn’t play up and leave me with one shoe and one boot on or something! It was nice to don a posh frock, and up I got to dance with everyone. Of course there were some fantastic dresses there, carole Ziplon had the sweetest pale blue gown with a full floaty skirt. Knightsbridge Venue Manager Rosie Haroldsen looked beautiful in a pastal mauve ballgown, and Freya Chester had the palest of pink gowns on, so delicate and it went so well with her blond good looks! Paradise Starship looked so elegant in her slim fitting satin pants and low cut black top and Aurora Habana looked lovely in her long red cocktail dress. Samanda, who danced with Knightsbridge Venue Host Christian Moeleneaux looked chic in a tux, whilst Christian donned a dress, a fabulous tier skirted gown of the deepest velvety blue. Petal Pawpad also chose blue and looked beautiful in her floor length gown. The guys all looked wonderful too, London Landlord and Manager Rob Fenwitch, ever the smart red fox had a silver frockcoat on and looked so cool. Bumper Huckleberry, Del Madeye, Stavros Jolbey, Tad Thespian and Mickey Northman all looked very handsome. I was joined later by fellow writers Hibiscus Hastings (looking lovely in white) and Ed Follet who was very good looking in his smart black suit. (us reporters don’t scrub up too bad if we have to go out on the town!!).

Evie Falconer dropped by and it was her Rez Day, Happy Rez Day to Evie!! And it turned out to be Rosie’s birthday as well, Happy Birthday to Rosie!!!

I had a great time, thanks Three Bells team it was a lovely evening!

Janey Bracken


Anonymous said...

That looks like fun! We should plan on going there another time!

- Drax

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Drax,

Yes it is a nice pub and a great crowd, I had a good time!! We can pop in for a beer!!!

Janey x

Anonymous said...


Put me on your dance card (that is if Slappy doesn't mind!)


Janey Bracken said...

Poor Slappy I haven't seen him for months, I did meet an av called Gappy though, do you know him? I hear he's a good dancer!!

Janey x

Anonymous said...

Formal night in a pub ?

Janey Bracken said...

Yes! Why not? You soon learn to balance your gin and tonic and packet of cheese and onion crisps whilst waltzing! Plus you get the added bonus of wiping your greasy crispy hands on your partner’s tux when you’ve eaten the crisps!!

Janey :))