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Monday, 10 May 2010

Chasing Boris Drove Me Up The Pole!

One good thing about SL is that people can really throw off their inhibitions, and one thing you will see quite a bit of is people dancing, no matter where they are, if they feel like it, they just start dancing! You might say virtual dancing isn’t the same as real dancing, but then again lots of people do make a big effort to get the best moves in SL, the animation shops do very well selling the latest dances.

I went over to the Greyhound Pub in virtual Kensington on May Day (1st May) and landlord Gold, Isobel, Piper, Ed and a few other people were dancing in the street on a chim (a dance chim is something that lets people all dance together making the same movements). I was a bit distracted though, I had been told that an avatar who looked a bit like the real life London Mayor Boris Johnson was over at the Greyhound, so I didn’t join in the chim straight away, but wanted to see who the avatar was. If it was Boris he ran off when he saw me, but I suspect it may have been another real life journalist venturing into SL. You never know it may even have been the one who made out he was Peter Mandelson a while back, we had a lovely little chat at the time, me and bogus Mandelson, so I’ve no idea why he would leave when he saw me. I suppose it was getting close to the elections and you never know who you will meet, I can’t imagine good old Boris wanting to dance in the street though, although he did appear in Eastenders on the telly, so he is probably game for anything.

I joined in the dancing and had a good laugh, Isobel went off and came back with a Maypole which we got on, it looked more like some sort of Russian dance than a traditional English one, but it was fun. Long ago many English villages had Maypoles to dance around, but they were banned around the late 1500’s due to pressure from the Puritans. The Puritans thought the merrymaking was full of debauchery and sin, if only they could have seen us dancing on the chim, I’ve no idea what they would have thought about that! The Maypoles did eventually come back into fashion on a temporary basis and are more in keeping with celebrating Spring and Spring festivals now.
Isobel’s Maypole was such a laugh, when you climbed onto the animation ball you stood stiff like a soldier till the animation kicked in, then you danced, looking a bit like a Cossack, shame Boris didn’t join in! Thanks Gold and Isobel, I had a great time dancing in the street.

Janey Bracken

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