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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Celebrating Gena's Life

There was a tribute to celebrate the life of Gena Dry last night. Debs Regent led a small gathering in virtual Kensington to watch the live events that were streamed in from London as friends, family and fellow musicians remembered Gena. Gena had tragically died back in February this year.

Gena had worked with Debs as an A& R and Entertainments Manager at Virtually Linked. Debs told us last night that Gena’s uncle, Tim Dry, will continue ‘The Dry Club’ and join the Virtually Linked team.

I think Debs summed up people’s feelings about Gena when she said “(it) has been sad since she died” but she continued “Love never dies, and the love for someone who was true in all aspects of her life is unending. Many will never forget her, she was a very special lady.”

Janey Bracken

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AlexHayden said...

Never had the pleasure of seeing Gena or meeting her within the London sims, but saddened to hear of her death. Thanks to the Internet, she'll live on forever in her songs and videos.