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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Big Ben Vanishes and London Sims Blog Contest

I’d heard someone say Big Ben had vanished from Virtual London the other day, and I thought that this can’t be right, one of my favourite buildings, and it had been in the London sims for such a long time. I went over to Westminster and the Big Ben clock tower had gone, they were right. I flew up into the clouds to see if there was a platform somewhere where a new one might be being built, but there wasn’t one as far as I could see. However on my way down I spotted a sad sight, some bits of the clock tower were littering the skies, almost like an explosion had blown the old building apart. I flew over to Hyde Park and suddenly I saw it in the distance, Big Ben had been re-positioned and it looks great. I zoomed out with my cam to get a shot of the new skyline and thought how beautiful Virtual London looked and I managed to get a good picture, which I was pleased with. I’m so glad Big Ben wasn’t deleted.

Talking of pictures, I noticed that the great new London Sims blog is running a competition for all you keen photographers out there. They are offering L$1000 and the theme is 'Best of London', so get snapping and try to win yourself some serious money.

Janey Bracken


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Fail? is this the same as 'Die' explain yoursel Sir or Madam anon!!