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Monday, 12 April 2010

The Station Club Opens

Saturday night saw the opening of the newest club in the London sims – The Station Club. The Station Club is in Knightsbridge, on the sight of the old Underground Club. Earlier on Saturday Janey and I popped in briefly and met Knightsbridge sim manager Angelique Macarthur, who was busy going through all the last minute checks in preparation for the opening later in the day. The club has a very streamlined look, with a dark floor and light walls, all of which are highlighted by vibrant pink.

Returning later on, it seems all the hard work paid off as the club was busy with avatars dancing to the music provided by DJ Cadda Ninetails. Everyone was welcomed by host Warbo Mint, who also encouraged guests at the club to enter its first competition, best in red. London sims owner Debs Regent joined the group partying in the club, as well as some other familiar faces in virtual London and those who were new to the sim.

Judging by the success of the opening, The Station Club will be another popular venue in Knightsbridge, carrying on the tradition set by the well-loved Underground Club. Best wishes to all.

Hibiscus Hastings


Anonymous said...

looks great!!! :-)

Anonymous said...


Ed Follet said...

A nice report and pictures Hib. I was pleased by the varied choice of music played, which would appeal to the... shall we say more matured avatar! lol. How many people I wonder recognise the old British Rail Inter-city logo in the bottom picture? Good luck and best wishes to the new club and it's staff.


Janey Bracken said...

It was a great evening, thanks to Angelique and team for a warm welcome and a brilliant opening night!

Janey :)

Angelique Macarthur said...

Thank you for coming to our test night trying out all the new equipment. While staffing is not complete, we will be opening soon with complete scheduling. Thank you Caddy Ninetails for opening for us and greeter, turned host Warbo Mint. I look forward to meeting each of the community on the dance floor and in the streets of Knighsbridge. Thank you Ed, Hibiscus, and Janey for your comments.

Drumbo Buccaneer said...

Ed, as Jimmy Saville once said, it's the age .....of the train.

I hope that trainspotters such as myself will be welcomed with our anoraks, thermos flasks and grubby notebooks :-)