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Monday, 19 April 2010

Statement From Brie

Brie would like to say a few words to everyone and I think we all ought to support her in her thoughts about past events:

I think now the time has come to stop. What's happened has happened and it's time to move on. London was a big part of my life in sl and rl for a long time and will always hold memories for me. All this rubbish and slanging matches is childish by all parties. I’ve kept quiet, but its time for it to end. London has moved on with their new team, just like the old team has moved forward with their new adventures. Can we leave it all at the door now and everyone to just be happy and successful with all their future plans. I wish London great success as I hope they wish me . I am tired of this now and the time has come to close this chapter and get on with our lives. So please can it stop and just leave it alone now, and I wish everyone happiness and please don't destroy all the good times and memories that everyone shared on all sides ...Because no matter what’s happened the ride was fantastic.

Brie Janick.


Anonymous said...

apparently the queen has spoken

Anonymous said...

See people Like u that cause trouble ...Brie seems to be as sick of it as everyone else why could have u have just left it alone.instead of posting a comment like that. I agree wth Brie im tired of the crap and time to move on as said .

seany1235 said...

comments like that prove my point but i agree time to stop i said things i should not have in the heat of the moment and im sorry for that time to look forword now not back