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Monday, 26 April 2010

St George's Party Rocked

St George would have been proud! it was a great party held in his name down at the West End Club, the theme was red and white and there were a few variations like Clive's greenie av, but at least he had red trousers on!! Brie had a giant hat that swayed about all over the place and Sarah looked stunning in her 1960's op art dress, in red and white of course!! Truths and Princess had found some red outfits too, and looked brilliant. Seany famous for his Cornish pasties and not so Cornish kebabs, was given a Cornish flag by Sarah which he waved with pride, Jayjay dj'd and Amourette hosted as the house rocked. Near the end of the evening it felt just like the 'Last Night at the Proms' when Jayjay played a very serious rendition of Rule Britannia! St George's Day was well and truly celebrated!

Janey Bracken

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