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Friday, 9 April 2010

New Club on Underground Site.

The good thing about SL is that you don't have to apply for planning permission, getting a couple of builder's quotes, or buying the materials before finally starting work! And so it is with the new club standing on the site of the old Underground Club in Virtual Knightsbridge. Just a couple of days have gone by and the club looks as if it's pretty much nearing completion. The red carpet and corded barriers are still there leading into the club and there is a deep red lush carpet inside as well. The only objects I could see are the sploder, which survived the final night of the Underground Club, and a couple of my newsboards (Probably something to do with Health and Safety and the fear of people tripping over them in the street, no doubt an EU ruling!). It looks very nice so far, although I'm not too sure if it will still be called the Underground Club or not. If you fancy yourself as a dj or host you can apply now to the new Knightsbridge manager Angelique Macarthur, they are also advertising for an assistant manager as well, so it may be your chance to run the club, although previous experience is needed before applying for the job. Congratulations on your new post as Knightsbridge Manager Angelique!

Janey Bracken


Anonymous said...

very exciting news Janey! will be great to see what the team has planned for this new club. hopefully the new staff will be fab too! best of luck to them.

Janey Bracken said...


Yes indeed, I'm looking forward to meeting the new people, new beginnings and times ahead for them, it is very exciting and I'm sure they will make it a big success!!

Janey :))

Anonymous said...

lmao Anonmymous is not one of the team nooooooo course not hahaha.
sorry but that club is a joke

Anonymous said...

You made your choice to move on. You really should. Bitterness will comsume you whole otherwise.

Anonymous said...

the new people in the new club have alot to live up to but lets all give them a fair chance and welcome them well cause the past is the past and its always good in my book to meet new people
i wish them all success

alt lexington

HT said...

"lmao Anonmymous is not one of the team nooooooo course not hahaha.
sorry but that club is a joke"

"You made your choice to move on. You really should. Bitterness will comsume you whole otherwise."

Agreed, time to stop with the nasty putdowns about London. You left and moved on, so actually do that and stop harassing the people who chose to stay and actually work. Your starting to look pathetic. Let it go. You know who you are.

Janey Bracken said...

Hey look, there are millions of avatars in SL and most of them look for some nice places to go, so there is room for all of the new clubs, attracting the right people and making them feel at home is something that you are all good at (and will be good at in the case of those people who are being trained at the Knightsbridge club). Let’s make this a happy launch and look to the future to make all of the venues a success. It’s up to you if you want me to promote events here, I write about London things because I enjoy it, but we all have to pull together on this to let people know what is happening, if you want to ignore me then fair enough, I am freelance and move on to someone else. A little healthy competition is supposed to be a good thing, so there should be room for all.

Alt Lexington said...
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Anonymous said...

Well said Janey!!

- Drax