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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Kerhop's Innovations

As Hibiscus, Drax and I stood in our virtual Kensington shop on Sunday we had a visitor, Kerhop Seattle, who dropped by to say hello. Kerhop had the most enormous pair of glasses dangling on his nose and when I remarked on them, they grew to new proportions almost blocking off the street, Kerhop told us that he was setting up his shop just down the road, it's called Kerhop's Innovations, and he said he sells business and personal gadgets. He explained saying “appointment reminders, texture sorters, panorama texture viewer, survey kiosk, etc...” Kerhop had to log, but I went along later to see his store and he is selling some really unusual items. Right in the middle of his shop there is a large gadget that you step inside and experience panoramic views all around you, you can change the themes too from pretty woodland to sunlit seas, what a clever idea. Kerhop has many great gadgets to choose from, go and see for yourselves, it seems we now have a very clever inventor in Virtual London! Nice to meet you Kerhop, glasses and all!!

Janey Bracken


seany said...

maybe he was trying to read the small print lol

Janey Bracken said...

Lol Seany! I think they were a pair of glasses for long sight and near sight, I bet with those you could spot a kebab shop two sims away!!