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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

High Voltage In Hyde Park – AC/DC Rocks

The atmosphere in Hyde Park was electric on Sunday evening as SL London residents were treated to Australia’s second most famous export after Fosters Lager (some might say Kylie but I'm staying neutral!). The AC/DC SL Tribute band played a battery of popular hits during a highly charged 90-minute concert on a specially constructed stage. To many the band are instantly recognisable due to live wire guitarist Angus Young’s shocking schoolboy attire!

In real life the veteran band were formed back in the early 70s and have had a long and sometimes static career. It is however a fact that their 1980 ‘Back in Black album has sold an estimated 45 million units worldwide, thus making it the highest selling album by any band and the 2nd highest-selling album on earth after Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The group are still writing and recording and their current album, AC/DC: Iron Man 2 is due for release short-ly on April 19th.

Thanks are due to the SL London management team and particulary Bogies Jazz club who were the power and energy behind the event.
Ed Follet


Janey Bracken said...

Great report, Ed, not 'shocking' at all! Nice to see you keeping up with the 'current' events and nothing caused any 'sparks' to fly! (cor these are nearly as good as my fish puns! bet I could have thought up something for an electric eel had I more time, hehe)

Janey :))

Anonymous said...

I love AC-DC Shame it was so laggy i could not move and the music was braking up but great story Ed