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Monday, 19 April 2010

Have a Pint Down the Union Jack!

I had a job dancing and downing a pint of beer, but somehow I managed it!! Cutewillow Carlberg has opened her very own London pub, The Union Jack, just up the road from the West End Club. It was free beers all round for the first night, Ed, Isobel and Nahiram had a game of darts, which I thought was an amazing SL trick, as they really aimed at the dart board and the darts landed on it!!

Landlady Cute poured drinks all night as more people came over to celebrate the opening. It's a great pub, it has that London pub feel to it, but with a wide area to dance and have fun in. The music was good and the atmosphere was friendly and fun. Congratulations on your new venture Cute!!

Janey Bracken


cutewillow said...

thank you for the lovly
for the commennt janie artical
you do a wonderfulljob writing
them child like assses can
bog off no need act likea child
in here

seany said...

Great pub cute great story janey theres lots more to come from us yet :)