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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Guilded Gobbler Lights Up The Sky

I had a nice surprise from my friend Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire the other day, he sent me a present, it was a Guilded Gobbler, a magnificent flying machine, all steampunk and delightfully eccentric looking. Johnny's business partner Alphonso Pidgeon had updated the original version, they are very clever, the pair of them! I decided to take it for a spin over the roofs of Virtual London. Rezzing it into the road outside of our shop in Kensington was the first shock, it was huge! fellow writer Ed Follet was with me at the time and he jumped on board as I took the controls and launched the massive vehicle up into the clouds, but I've no idea where Ed went, he seemed to disappear. Then I asked Hibiscus to join me and she managed to stay on board by sitting down. Hib didn't say much as we lurched forward at speed, but I think she was enjoying it. I could see Mayfair below and then Westminster as I came dangerously close to the edge of the sim hovering over the A-list club at the foot of Big Ben. Then suddenly I found myself ejected from the vehicle and at the bottom of the sea, good old SL. Hibs suffered a similar fate and the Gobbler just hung there in sky. After trying to get my avatar back to normal by trying all sorts of tricks, going into Appearance, closing the SL window into the task bar, stopping animations, I was finally able to fly up to the Gobbler, and with relief, take it back into my inventory. It doesn't look as if my driving has improved and I should have read the instructions so carefully put together by Johnny, but it was fun flying this vintage vehicle, so if you see a big shadow of an airbus crossing your path you'll know that I'm up there again cruising around the SL skies!

Janey Bracken


Hibiscus said...

I did enjoy my trip in the flying machine, very much so, in fact. It is beautifully made, such attention to detail! It was a lot of fun and a great way to see Virtual London.

Alphonso Pidgeon said...

To be fair, Johnnytreadlightly did 99.9% of the update work himself on this. I just came along at the end to debug and test the scripting, and steal all the glory.

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Alph,

Thanks for visiting these pages!! Both you and Johnny are true to the name of your company 'Genius Inc' You are both too modest too, but thanks for telling me your input to the wonderful and amazing Guilded Gobbler!

Janey x

Eliza Janus said...

Hi Janey,

look who is here ! Alphonso ? How come ! I was searching Him yesterday because I have cooked dinner last night. Now I know where Alphonso spends nights. On your pages, Janey !

That was a little joke, of course.
Although, I can't stop giggling.

Hugs to all of you,

Eliza Janus.

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Eliza, I hope Alph is sorry for letting his dinner go cold!! Nice to see you here as well!!

Janey x