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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Events for the West End Club and Horsing Around!

You will want to put on your red and white outfits on Friday to go over to the West End Club, they will be celebrating St George’s day, it’s your chance to support all things English, whilst having a great time, I’ve also heard that there may be a live singer too!! On Saturday the club is being decorated by Brie and Gen for a Latin night, so you Latin lovers out there can smooch the night away whilst Brie and Gen dj. All you ladies (or men!) who fancy being a May Queen, can get your gowns ready as well, as the club will holding a May Queen night on May 1st for the May Day celebrations.

The club was packed with cowboy and cowgirl line dancers the other night and dj Gen rocked the house. It was a little unusual though, as a couple of drunk horses took to the stage and some of us rode our own mounts into the club to join in, it’s surprising how those horses managed the dances, keeping in perfect time! I could even see a dancing cow in there too! It was another brilliant night down at the West End club and Seany had the biggest cowboy hat I had ever seen!

Janey Bracken
(Editor's Note - The St George's
Day party will be in the Union Jack
pub near the West End Club -
Editor's mistake, lol, sorry!)

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