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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Cute and Shane's Romantic Story

It was at the opening of the West End Club on April 5 that Cutewillow Carlberg and Shane Frye walked in and Cute told us “Shane and I have an announcement, we became partners today:))” People in the club were really pleased for this wonderful couple, congratulations and good wishes were shouted out to a very happy Cute and Shane by everyone. Cute is very well known to London residents, hosting at the Underground Club then running the Greyhound Pub in virtual Kensington and now about to open her very own pub called ‘The Union Jack’.

I asked Cute and Shane about their relationship and where they had first met. Shane said “I first met Cute about 2 years ago at the UGC, she was hosting. I thought she was a lovely person. Really friendly and good fun. She was in a relationship at the time so we were just friends.” Shane thinks it may have been Cute who first said ‘hello’ as she did her job as a host. Cute agreed saying “We met by chance at the UGC one night when Gen was dj’ing, been together since then.” Shane said “We didn't add each other as friends at first, just saw each other when I came to the club. Only been on each other’s friends list for about a year. I think Cute offered friendship first, but I was pleased. Then On Feb 20th I went to the club quite late (UK time) and Cute was there on her own. I may have had a little Dutch courage so I asked her to dance :) she said ‘yes’ and it all started from there.” Cute nodded saying “Shane asked me to dance at UGC, had our first kiss at Eternal Dreams (sim) we both knew it felt right.”

I wanted to know about Eternal Dreams and Shane said “Our favourite place is Eternal Dreams, Greenie and Troys sim. It's very romantic with lovely people. And it's where we shared our first kiss :)” Shane continued “We go out dancing a lot and I'm a bit of a clothes shopper. Strange because I hate it in Rl (real life)”. Cute added “We love the West End Club and the UGC where we met, but we fell in love at Eternal Dreams.”

I asked them if they lived together in the virtual world and Shane told me “Yes we live together in SL. I built the house before Cute and I were together, but I have extended it since we met...Cute has made it into a home instead of just a house.” Cute said “We both decorated it together, I made the garden, one of my fav things to do is landscape, made a home filled with love and passion for each other.” She continued “we love to shop, dance, romantic nights at home, build, we both love to build, Shane built our house.”

And will there be wedding bells in the near future? Shane said “I think of it as committing to each other, maybe you could call it an engagement :)...But no wedding plans yet :)” Cute added “I’d love to marry Shane, yes, if he asked me tomorrow I’d say ‘yes’ of course, I love him so very much he’s my Mr right :)) I know it feels so right like our first kiss.”

Cute tells me that she and Shane were very good friends, she said “2 months ago we started to date, fall madly in love with each other. Shane is very caring and loving, he’s my rock when I’m down, my heart races when I see him. He makes me so happy, gives me goose bumps when I see his sweet face, his eyes, I light up every time he walks in a room, I know he’s the one for me, he’s my Mr right, the one I wanna spend all my time with, he has all my love and passion. All my slow dances are his, I truly love Shane, I’m amazed by him each day, that our song by Lone Star has so much meaning for us. I love you baby so very much, yours Cute xx.” Shane said of Cute “I'd just like to say that Cute is the sweetest kindest person I have ever met. She has restored my faith in people. I was very close to leaving SL the night we got together. Now I spend more time on here than ever :).”

A big thank you to Cute and Shane for sharing their love story with us.

Janey Bracken


cutewillow said...

thankyoujanie for the lovly artical shane i very happy:))
love him with all my hart
hugs love cute

Janey Bracken said...

Thanks for the interview Cute and Shane and I wish you every happiness for the future!

Janey x

HotStuff said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Cutsieeeeee and Shannnnne thats lovely!! well done hugggs xx

cutewillow said...

thankyou hot stuff :))
we are very happy
hugs cute&shane

Brie Janick said...

Cute is my sissy and one of the loves of my life....I wish her and shane happniness and lot of love ....they are a great couple and love ya Cuteipie

cutewillow said...

shane i got ENGADED APRIL 18TH

Janey Bracken said...

Awww Congratulations Cute and Shane what wonderful news!!

Janey xx