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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Brie and Seany Brought The House Down!

It was a bitter-sweet experience, the party at the Underground Club was to mark the final day for much loved couple Brie Janick and Seany1234 Blinker who were leaving the London team. They had decided on a ‘wackiest outfit’ theme for the night and people turned up in mind boggling outfits to join in the fun. Seany dj’d as Brie played host to a very crowded and rowdy club. The atmosphere was absolutely electric as Seany played his last set in the UGC. The sim came close to collapsing a few times with people crashing and coming back for more!! It was ironic that it was a party to beat all parties, everyone had a mission, and that was to show Brie and Seany that they will be deeply missed! Also people wanted to show that everyone was united in their friendship of this great couple.

You could hear that Seany was near to tears as it approached midnight when he was to play his final song, and we all felt choked with him. Suddenly Brie called all the club team to the stage, I would imagine it was the first time ever that the stage has been invaded by so many people, and it was very touching as these people are a real family to each other, working and playing together since Virtual London began.

Brie had sent out a message to the club saying “Hey everyone... me and Seany wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. It’s time for me and Seany to move on. It's been a pleasure working with you all these past months. It’s an end of an era after 2 years here. We are still on SL. We wish everyone the best and all good luck.”

As Seany finished his set Brie announced that everyone should go out into the street, people beat the lag by struggling into the road to see what it was all about. Then it happened! Bit by bit the club came apart, the famous UGC was tumbling and soon there was just water and a few bits of abandoned equipment. The club sign hung like a ghost in the air as people stood thinking this was a fitting end as the club will never be the same again to the regulars there.

I would like to thank Brie and Seany for the wonderful times they have given us and for all the hard work they have put in over the years. They did it because they loved Virtual London and this article is to let them know that the people of Virtual London love them!

Janey Bracken


Auti Coba said...

No words for this, just as you wrote. This was a final end of a family we used to know. Again the best wishes for you Seany and Brie.

:) said...

Wow...what a way to go out. Is this the end of the Underground Club?

Anonymous said...


Simon Seurat said...

A sad day , but nobody could say that Seany and Brie didn't go down without a fight ( Great song choices Seany ;) )

Anonymous said...

sounded like a great party. shame that they had to vandalise london afterwards. talk about immature.

seany said...

you got that wrong was nor vandlising we returning the building to its owner like he asked us to :)

Anonymous said...

"sounded like a great party. shame that they had to vandalise london afterwards. talk about immature."

agreed. they could have given notice to london management they were doing that but sounds like typical bitterness to not. very childish of brie and sean.

Anonymous said...

i will miss the ugc it was my favourite hangout in all of sl
lets see whats next for london
time for a new beginning
i put 4vids on youtube that arnt that good entitled
(and 2-3-4)youtube dissabled most audio

Alt Lexington

TD Reinard said...

Permission to take back what was owned by me was sent to Torric, Billy, Deb, Das, and Brie. It was ignored or perhaps delcined by the looks of things. Therefore alternative measures were used.

So no it was not Vandalism, It was just time to take back what SL London was borrowing. And immature? Hardly. What's immature is cooking the books or tricking someone into renting or marring someone because they're afraid of losing a working relationship. Or perhaps belittling them to make them to submission to get what you want.

Remember there are two sides to every story. It's just time to close this chapter. Hopefully there have been some lessons learned and some eyes opened.

I'm sorry I missed out out on the festivities. I'm sure it was a massive spectacle.

And Debs, I'm sorry it ended this way. But you should have known not to treat people like Tissue. Pull them, beat them up and then throw them away. Eventually the box gets empty. Then you're left with a runny nose and no one to clean up after you.

Anonymous said...

Janey and staff, we need to hear more about the UGC staff that has given many years of their life running the UGC, being the DJ's,hostesses and the assistants. I feel their pain and suffering has been, for the most part,completely discounted and overlooked. We heard the tears of Brie and Seany this last week on live mic, but those tears of the rest of the staff were silenced only to be read in type.

DJ Corolla and Janis would have been there almost 3 years if the club had survived a few more months. Cutewillow and Barbara, I think have been there almost 2.5 years. DJ Genevieve was there 2 years. While Seany and Brie had other jobs of managment in London sim most of these people were the foundation of the club that gave it all. When I read the articles and comments this week on the blog,and even at the last party, it is very clear we have ALL over looked the others on staff that are uprooted and hurting.

They ALL made the UGC what it was.

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Anonymous,

Of course we need to hear about the other wonderful people who have made the UGC the spirit of Virtual London and I’m sorry if the focus has been on Brie and Seany too much, in your opinion. Due to recent events, and because of their status in London management, the story has been about them because of the re-organisation of the London team, which left them with no option other than to leave. Although they meet everyone on a daily basis, the most time we all spent with them was in the UGC, a time when we all got together and had fun, so their last night in the club, I felt, needed to be recorded. If other members of the UGC are leaving, it will be because they choose to and not because they have been forced out, but I will be writing their story too and following what they are doing.

As far as I know the UGC isn’t being taken out of service, it was simply the building that belonged to TD that was removed to give it back to him, so people can still enjoy partying with our other much loved dj’s and hosts, all those brilliant people who work so hard to make SL special for us all, many of whom we have written about in the past as well.

I haven’t forgotten them at all, the stories continue here to cover what I consider to be the main topic of the day and you can be assured that the other people in the UGC are very greatly appreciated by us here at Virtually London (lite) and always will be.

Janey :)

Isabella Elcano said...

I love how all the comments about Brie and Seany's 'vandalism' are made anonymously. If you're going to get all cocky about something like that then at least put your name alongside your ridiculous accusations. Brie and Seany were the best thing that ever happened to London. I really can't wait to see what happens without them.

Auti Coba said...

Debs is just gonna make the same fault again. She trust now Torric and Billy. When you look around you canb notice that many objects are on name of both of them, not Debs'. One of these days she has to act again and i'm sure, half Mayfair will disappear.

Brie Janick said...

I think its time to let it all rest. Whats happened has happened. All the ugc staff have worked there socks of for many years. I have never met such a hard working team who are also a family. They have been the making of the UGC. Me and seany were a small part of a team. KB was handed over corectly and i have only taken that was non transfer. I wish the london team great sucess but its time to leave the past at the foor and move on with our next adventure with a family and build our own community. Enough of the throwing of rubbish be happy and just remeber the good times. Thank you everyone for your support and kind words .
Brie Janick

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the buildings that go missing. The remaining adult staff (now that the children have left) will fix all problems and clear up any mess that greifers make :>

seany1235 said...

lol now thats a childish thing to say someone needs to grow up i think. not putting there name i see funny that.

Anonymous said...

Imagine the London blog as someones home. Hundreds of hours have been spent lovingly decorating it and building it into something fantastic. You are all invited guests to this beautiful home.

You have shit down the walls and pissed all over the carpet.

Shame on you all.

TD Reinard said...

Sigh - to reiterate, I built them. I removed the ones in my name. London has a copy. They will be replaced. It will look the same as before.

The only thing I'm ashamed of is how long I drank the London Kool-aide. I should have stayed away when I left a year and a half ago.

I regret coming back and getting wrapped up in the drama. But what's done is done.

SL London will continue on. Heck, they may even get it right one of these days.

seany1235 Blinker said...

i love how they hide behind Anonymous.
TD you dont need to explane your self to anyone you did nothing wrong in taking what is yours.
Its just people showing there true colors one of the reasons why we left in the first place.

Anonymous said...

So you left of your own accord?

TD Reinard said...

Yes, I left on my own accord. And with Brie and Seany leaving there was no one there to manage any of the items that were still in my name. They were the only ones that I trusted with my rights.

Anonymous said...

Quote "Don't worry about the buildings that go missing. The remaining adult staff (now that the children have left) will fix all problems and clear up any mess that greifers make :>"

The Adult staff have left and have been leaving for a while, alas the muppets have taken over, but as the saying goes:

"You cant put brains in Statues"

And I fear that the London sims will vanish before anyone realises the amount of damage one self centred owner has and can cause.

Ed Follet said...

I can understand why people have strong feelings about what has happened and the reasons behind it. Everyone has now had a chance to make their point, and continuing these personal slanging matches is benefiting no one. Enough hurt has been caused.

Everyday 100s of people visit the London sims who are not interested in local sim politics. They come here to enjoy the surroundings, use the facilities and have fun with their friends. Our community is also privileged in my view, to be a gateway for new residents meaning we are all trusted to provide a safe stimulating and satisfying first experience for them. By the same token the estate is trusted not abuse the powers it has as landlords over people who are committed to its community either through loyalty or sentimentality.

We should all be thinking about ensuring that the SL experience for these newer members of our community is as good as the one we have hopefully enjoyed.

People have made their choices, we need to get over this now and move on.

HotStuff said...

Oh wow that was a good night and a very sad night! Good Luck Brie and Seany, remember Hotsey loves you guys!!! xxx