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Friday, 2 April 2010

Art Exhibition at the Knightsbridge Gallery

The Knightsbridge gallery in SL London is the venue for an exciting new exhibition of work by accomplished SL artist Genevieve Silvercloud, a self taught painter who has a fascination for the human form.

Genevieve (Jennifer Montreuil in RL but uses Gen) started out on her creative journey as a successful hair and makeup stylist in the US film industry before expanding her techniques to take in whole body painting. Incorporating these talents with an interest and participation in the sport of skydiving and learning the art of body casting has enabled her to produce imaginative works. This exhilarating combination of cast figures and free form painting has proved successful in attracting the attentions of both magazine publishers and discerning collectors.

Gen lives with Asperger’s and says that this enables her to see people in interesting ways. It gives her the ability to abstract people's actions and words into an image for their person, which she then translates into her art.

Genevieve in SL has a studio and gallery on the Ahura sim where she gives painting demonstrations and where you can also try your hand at skydiving. The exhibition will be in Knightsbridge for a few days yet and is well worth a look. The artworks are available to buy should you see something you like and although they are not cheap, your support will be appreciated by a working artist.

Ed Follet

1 comment:

Hibiscus said...

Hi Ed, thanks for writing this up. I always enjoyed the exhibitions held at the Knightsbridge Gallery and I am glad to see that more is being shown there now.