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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Virtual Mayfair Homes For Rent

Homes are getting better in Mayfair, if you fancy moving to the classy virtual area you can now obtain privacy, your own music and you are getting a better deal than if you had a home under the Linden Labs scheme. This is the message that was put out the other day:

"Introducing the first LONDON HOME in MAYFAIR

Sunday, 07 Mar 2010 15:22:24 GMT

9a Park Lane MAYFAIR is the first home to be made available under the new LONDON HOMES PACKAGE:

117 prims / 1725 L per month

(equiv US$6.95 compared to US$9.95 with Linden Lab)

Security system on parcel, no more intruders

Own Music Changer - control what you listen you.

Add friends to your door access

Partner can be added to Rez

Dedicated London England group support

Free retexture service.

House overlooks Hyde Park, Front facing balcony, roof terrace, back garden - All security protected!"

So hurry, these type of homes are bound to be snapped up, contact either Torric Rodas or Billy Arentire in-world.

Also we have a mystery on our hands, can you guess who this man is? He’s been seen cleaning the streets around the Hyde Park Area. Some say he is moonlighting away from his other job, but who knows. I suspect he’s going around making sure your dustbin lid is closed, so you may be getting a fine from the local council if you leave it open an inch! Can we name and shame this man? Best not to approach him, he may be dangerous, you could even end up in the back of his dust cart!

Janey Bracken

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