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Thursday, 18 March 2010

St Patrick's Day Parties

St Patrick’s Day went off with a bang in virtual London with lots of parties going on. Hibiscus and I tried to travel around to cover each event, which was a shame in a way as we would have liked to have stayed at each location for longer joining in the fun. I always think virtual London would be better to hold just one big event for special occasions, maybe taking it in turns for each area. However with real life to compete with as well with people going out, London didn’t do too badly at all with the number of people celebrating in-world. The Underground Club party was brilliant with dj Brie Janick and host TXBarbara Bailey giving us a lively time, handing out giant mugs of beer and bringing tears to our eyes with laughter as Brie played the ‘River Dance’ and we all jigged around the dance floor. The Coach and Horses too was full of people dancing in bright emerald green costumes, Landlord Wiccy Shackleton always makes sure everyone is having fun. Bogies Jazz Club had a fantastic live singer, CTM Underwood, who gave an amazing performance with his cool style and choice of popular hits such as ‘Forever in Blue Jeans’ and ‘Take on me’. I would have loved to have stayed for the whole of CTM’s gig, and I will definitely go to see him again in the near future. Hibiscus went over to the Greyhound Pub where Landlady Cutewillow Carlberg and her team were joining in the festivities, the River dance seemed to be a popular choice again, it’s a good job most of us have the Irish Jig in our inventories!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel worn out!!! Please, next year can we all get together in virtual London and have one big party so me and Hibiscus can stay put in one place!! Anyway, congratulations to the London teams for all their hard work to make St Patrick’s Day rock!!

Janey Bracken


Hibiscus said...

It was a great day but I'm totally exhausted!

cutewillow said...

giggles m hibs
im still sleeepy giggles