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Monday, 8 March 2010


Hair plays a big part in my Second Life, well I’m still paranoid from long ago when SL could play up a bit more than it does now, although it still happens occasionally, I’d be at a party, thinking I look the bees-knees with my best outfit and cool hair and someone would IM me to tell me I’m bald!! Yes BALD!!! the moonlight shining off my scalp and my ears sticking out like a taxi with its doors open!! ‘cos on my viewer my hair is there, so I hadn’t got a clue. One of my friends, Drax Ember, even keeps a pair of sunglasses handy so the glare from my bald pate doesn’t blind him, how cruel is that! The trouble was that people were too polite as well, instead of all the crowd getting together and shouting ‘YOUR HAIR IS MISSING’ when I arrived, most of them just felt too embarrassed or didn’t care enough to tell me. No, it was usually a close friend who would IM me quietly after about ten minutes, saying my Barnet was missing and hoping I wouldn’t disintegrate into floods of virtual tears. Nowadays the baldness still happens at times, but nothing like it used to, I suppose I’m usually a cloud now instead, but can still see myself, but that’s another story!

Hair has come a long way in the last couple of years, no more ‘stiff as a board’ hair that never moved, so when your avatar looked at something on the ground the hair stood out straight from the back of your neck. Now it flows nicely just like the real thing. Today you can get hair that changes size at the click of a mouse and a couple of weeks ago there was some giant hair in the Underground Club that would have taken some beating. The main instigator of big hair is our very own Seany1235 Blinker, King of the Afro hairdo. When there’s a 70’s night in the club you may not take a lot of notice when Seany first arrives, but suddenly his hair grows to such an extent that it clears part of the dance floor. Likewise London resident SarahKB7 Koskinen also had a great Afro style on, and I think it may have been as big as Seany’s coiffure. Fortunately Brie Janick, who had an Afro, stuck to a modest sized one, which was just as well, as I doubt there would have been room in the club for the rest of us if her hair had got as big as the others.

I don’t know who makes these massive hair styles, but one thing’s for sure, if I get messages that I’m bald again, I’m going to dive into Seany or Sarah’s hair, there’s plenty of room in there for me, and even a couple of birds if they want to build a nest!
Janey Bracken

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