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Monday, 22 March 2010

Gunman Scared of Tiny Red Panda

I decided to put on a tiny avatar the other day, I’d never experienced SL as a tiny and I thought it might be quite an experience. There I was, this little red panda in a blue dress, a fraction of the height I had been with my human avatar. I met up with Hibiscus first for a cup of tea and a cake in a lovely coffee shop somewhere in SL and then we headed back to virtual London. After wandering around a bit Hibiscus had to log off, so I decided to go over to Hyde Park to see what the newbies thought of a small panda wandering around. It was a bit like I wasn’t there really, people carried on talking over my head without even a glance in my direction. Then I spotted him, a newbie called Mister24 with a gun, aiming it at people and thinking he looked so cool with his newbie spiked prim hair. Well I couldn’t resist I directed my little av to stand right next to him and gazed up into those vacant newbie eyes. Here is the conversation between the wee panda and the wannabe gunman:

Janey Bracken: hey Mister
[2010/03/16 13:32] Janey Bracken: silly gun
[2010/03/16 13:32] Mister24: i am a thief!!!!!
[2010/03/16 13:32] Janey Bracken: you are?
[2010/03/16 13:32] Mister24: and i am crazy!!!
[2010/03/16 13:32] Mister24: i kill you
[2010/03/16 13:32] Janey Bracken: oh thought so
[2010/03/16 13:33] Janey Bracken: I keel you hehe

He peered all around but didn’t appear to see me:

[2010/03/16 13:33] Mister24: who is speaking?
[2010/03/16 13:33] Janey Bracken: can see right up your nose
[2010/03/16 13:33] Janey Bracken: me down here
[2010/03/16 13:33] Mister24: loooooooool
[2010/03/16 13:33] Janey Bracken: don't tread on my tail
[2010/03/16 13:33] Mister24: what is this????
[2010/03/16 13:33] Mister24: looooool
[2010/03/16 13:34] Mister24: what are you?
[2010/03/16 13:34] Janey Bracken: what do you mean?
[2010/03/16 13:34] Janey Bracken: what are you?
[2010/03/16 13:34] Janey Bracken: I'm a panda can't you see?
[2010/03/16 13:34] Mister24: im crazy
[2010/03/16 13:34] Janey Bracken: yes I know
[2010/03/16 13:34] Mister24: i kill you
[2010/03/16 13:34] Janey Bracken: I like crazy people
[2010/03/16 13:34] Mister24: omg
[2010/03/16 13:34] Janey Bracken: I'll bite your ankle
[2010/03/16 13:35] Mister24: you scare me
[2010/03/16 13:35] Janey Bracken: good
Well a tiny panda scaring a big guy with a gun, that’s a new one for Hyde Park and Mister24 carried on chatting to a girl after I had scared him witless. He wasn’t very good in the romance stakes either, halfway through the conversation he had to explain to the lady that he was flirting with her, how sad is that!! It was only later that I was chatting to London manager Eveshka Blackheart that I heard more of the tale of the lone gunman Mister24. She told me that he had been walking around London with a gun for days demanding Linden dollars. She said that he had “made so many enemies that people started getting baseball bats and attacking HIM!” Eveshka said she chased him in her car “til he was running for his life” Eveska laughed and said “GUNMAN GETS KARMA”. This made me laugh so much, our confessed thief Mister24 on the run from all the virtual London residents as well as a tiny red panda. Even my Siamese kitten Max wasn’t afraid of the panda and carried on sleeping!!

Janey Bracken


Anonymous said...

I wonder sometimes at some of people using second life. I just hope he vents his psychopathic spleen in the virtual world and does not take it into the real world. BJ

Janey Bracken said...

Maybe he will grow out of it, after all his mental age seemed to be 12!!